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The Cashier Con

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. Maybe you have, too. Cashiers have become the new pitchmen. The old pitchman came to your door and knocked. He sold encyclopedias or vacuum cleaners or miracle soap. Whatever. But you were trapped by your own politeness. You couldn’t think of a way to get rid of him without being […]

The ‘C’ Word in the ‘C’ Suite

There’s a very old joke about a man who asks his brother to watch his cat while he’s on vacation.  The man comes back and asks his brother, “How’s the cat?” and the brother tells him, “Sorry, but the cat’s dead!”  The man was shocked and appalled that the brother was so blunt and told […]

Thanks, I Don’t Need Your Card

Imagine handing your card to someone at a networking event and having it handed back to you with “Thanks, but I don’t need your card.” Well, that’s exactly what happened to Juan, who wrote to me recently. Juan found this pretty insulting, and he asked me how I thought someone should respond in this situation. […]