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How Many Holes Are in Your Bucket?

In a recent article, I explained how once a visitor arrives on a website, the conversion process becomes a “sales funnel.” At each step of the sales process, a site loses visitors. We use the leaky bucket metaphor for a site that doesn’t successfully convert visitors into buyers. Traffic fills the bucket but leaks out […]

Communicating Perceptual Reality

A few weeks ago, I was training the Web division of a click-and-mortar company. I wrote these words on the whiteboard: “real-world feel,” “ease of use,” “expertise,” “trustworthiness,” “perceived customization,” “salesiness,” and “amateurism.” I asked if anyone could tell me if any tangible variables contribute to a Web site’s credibility (knowing there are none). Every […]

What Makes You Different

Just about every business book contains a system for improvement. Higher profits, efficiency, job satisfaction. How does each differ from the others? Most don’t. Most are variations on these themes. The ones that have stood out, like “Good to Great” or “Seven Habits of Highly Successful People,” have offered a variation that was just different […]

Conversion Is Music to My Ears

We have talked about the priority of making your website an efficient and successful “machine” for converting your traffic, and we’ve discussed strategies to help you improve your conversion rates. Today I’d like to step back and take a broader look at the nature of conversion, both as an idea that shapes the exchanges between […]

Seven Ways to Increase Pay-Per-Click ROI

Online marketing must be about the customer’s choices. In this “virtually” frictionless environment, a customer is a self-service volunteer with lots of choices and access to any of your competitors with a single click. Nowhere is this more true than in search engine marketing (SEM).To meet your business objectives online you must first meet your […]

When to Give It Away

You want your book to sell. But you should give it away first. Piece by piece. Draw readers in. They won’t mind, and if you’re writing a book that keeps them entertained, hopeful and intrigued by the ideas you offer, they’ll go on to buy the book too. And to use it. You can give […]

Give It Away to Gain Readers

To get the attention of potential readers, give away what you write. If you’re writing a book, share parts of it as you go. A chapter, a few chapters, the whole thing. People want to see what you’re like (or what your writing is like) before they commit to you. And even if you’ve given […]

Is Your Network a Mile Wide But an Inch Deep?

Is your personal network deep or shallow?  Chances are, it’s a bit of both.  The question is, how strong is the deep part of your personal network? A shallow network is where all of the people you meet will start out – and where, in my opinion, far too many of them will remain. In […]

When It Comes to Successful Networking, Everyone Wants to Get Along

The realm of business today is global, not just local or national. We set out to discover what people thought about business networking, so we surveyed businesspeople in a broad cross-section of the world. Over a three-year period, more than 12,000 businesspeople from every populated continent in the world participated in this survey about gender […]

Two Kinds of Customers

The student became the teacher when Wizard Academy graduate Bill Bergh taught me something that I had never previously realized, even though Dr. Nick Grant had explained it to me at least half a dozen times. It was one of those times when you slap yourself on the forehead and ask, “Why did I never […]