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Becoming a Recognized Authority

Successful authors, like successful parents, find ways to establish themselves as authority figures. And while I don’t know how many books business maven Guy Kawasaki has sold, or how many children he has, but it is obvious the man knows how to build a quality platform. He has spent the last twenty years branding himself […]


The first English book printed in America was the Bay Psalm Book, published in the 1640’s by Harvard College’s Cambridge Press. Like other printers in the New World, Cambridge served the Church as a proselytizer for the faith. The Church soon lost its monopoly on printing presses, but . According to figures recently released by […]


According to Bowker’s Books In Print database, there are 362,499 books classified as “History” in print. That’s about 10% of all books still in print in the U.S. Bowker’s preliminary figure for new History books published in 2006 is 8,488. Annual output of new History books has been declining since the peak year of 2003, […]

Communication, Censorship, Corruption and Courage

How to create an atmosphere where writing is dangerous: censorship. How to suppress the creative spirit: censorship.How to build a following despite censorship: online. Even in an authoritarian state that wields enormous economic muscle and instills fear in free markets, the writer Murong Xuecun (a pseudonym for the writer Hao Qunhas) managed to build a […]