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When Your Buyer Responds to Your Story’s Call to Action

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, uncovery method, receiving purchase, making purchase

In our last post, in outlining the six steps of the customer’s journey, we looked at what might happen when the customer, or buyer, or client, receives your purchase or contracts for your service. To recap, here are the six steps: 6. Satisfied customer 5. Receives purchase 4. Makes purchase 3. Becomes lead 2. Warms […]

Creating a Relationship with Readers

The serial novel is back. You probably hadn’t given it much thought, beyond perhaps recalling Stephen King’s bestselling The Green Mile from 1996 that was published in six paperback installments. Or you might remember how in the 19th century great writers such as Charles Dickens or Anthony Trollope serialized their massive novels to the vast […]

E-reading, Sharing, Conversing

The e-readers keep getting more competitive, and we’re getting more of them. And little by little, they’re growing moresophisticated, more in tune with rapid changes in how we access all sorts of information. And for a writer who wants to create and market his book online, the strength of e-readers is a great thing. And […]

The Culture Code Conversations

The other day I was explaining to some French friends about Clotaire Rapaille’s illuminating book The Culture Code: An Ingenious Way to Understand Why People Around the World Live and Buy as They Do. Needless to say, they were interested in his findings about their culture, and how they look at the world. I began […]

How to Drive Customers Crazy

Are you making it easy for your customers, or are you making them jump through hoops? I have the wonderful ability to work virtually — my office is wherever I have my Mac and an Internet connection. The Internet being the Internet, one can easily get distracted. So, to stay focused on work, part of […]

How Your Book Reflects Your Purpose

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, idea for a book

In our last post, we looked at how in asking our clients what they most value and what they most like to do, we can help them focus on their strengths. We’ve found that this focus further illuminates their soul purpose. Someone asked me the other day if our clients – our uncovery clients – […]

Questions to Focus Your Values for Your Work

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, focus your values, most value in life

In our last post, we looked at how we urge our clients to identify what is it they most value in life. In articulating these values, we find that our clients arrive at a better sense than before of what drives them to do what they do. When our clients have identified some of their […]

Cultural Exchange, Code-Breaking

Shake. You’d think it would be easy, right? You shake hands and you’re being polite. Being an American, I offer my right hand for a quick grip when I meet someone. Now, this is a gesture that you’d think would be universally recognized. It is for the most part, especially in countries that are westernized. […]

Planning for the Future, But Enjoying Today

One of the things I’ve noticed in this civic culture of ours – and if you’ve been following what I write, you’ll know that we passed our idealistic culture off to history about seven or eight years ago, and we’re now living in a civic cycle – one of the things I’ve noticed is that […]