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What Women Say is True: Size Doesn’t Matter!

Product launches are common, not only in the personal and business development spaces. Every movie, music album, product, or book has a “launch” plan behind it. I’ve been in the book launch industry for going on 14 years now. You could say I’m a student of the space. But something happened when I took part […]

Getting Noticed Online: A Primer

Some people mistake promotion for attraction. And some people mistake forums for publicity opportunities rather than conversation starters. I thought of this when looking at a writer’s forum on LinkedIn, the networking site for various professions and employments. The moderator of the site had said that people in the forum shouldn’t use the forum to […]

Premature Solicitation

Has someone you didn’t even know ever solicited you for a referral or business? I call this “Premature Solicitation.” (Say that fast three times and you might get in trouble!) I’ve been a victim of “premature solicitation” many times. I was recently speaking at a business networking event and before my presentation a man came […]

Looking Further at the Spontaneous Personality

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In our last post, we began to look at the spontaneous personality, the kind of person who might ask, “How quickly can you get that to me?” or “How can you relieve pain or give pleasure right now?” Here, we’ll look at the story of a spontaneous personality, based (as with our competitive, and Dorothy) […]

Being Heard Against the Waves of New Books

More books are being published all the time. Every year trumps the one before. You may have read that at the Digital World conference this week, speaker David Houle said that more books were published last week than in all of 1950. That’s a nice headline-grabbing remark – but the thing is, new books have […]

An Appetite for Apps?

Would you rather write a book or develop an app? To judge from the number of apps being introduced each week – about 15,000, compared to 250 books and 100 movies released weekly worldwide – more people seem to have an appetite for apps. The breadth of apps is breathtaking, from games to budgeting to […]

Why Make All the Mistakes, When We Can Learn from Others?

There are tried-and–true networking techniques that are so simple it seems they cannot be really effective. Many times we try to re-evaluate, improve upon and complicate them.  An experience I had once while on vacation reminds me of how we try to make some things harder than they really are. I was in Hawaii enjoying […]

Cultural Imprinting and Marketers

Back in 1984, there was a song by Band Aid to raise money for relief of a devastating famine in Ethiopia. It came out in November of that year, and it was called “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” The intentions were good, of course – many top-flight pop and rock singers and musicians contributed their […]

Wow The People You Connect With

Man is a knot into which relationships are tied. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras, 1942 One of the most impactful concepts introduced to me is the concept of be-do-have vs. have-do-be.  I suffered greatly from a have-do-be mentality.  I thought that if I just had more money, more time, a bigger promotion then I […]