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Relationships Are Currency

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How many times have you seen an entrepreneur, maybe even yourself, go to a networking event, meet a lot of people, and then leave and never talk to them again? Too often, right? And it’s not because you don’t like them or ever want to see them again, but because you’re a busy person with […]

Are You Approachable or Alienating?

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When it comes to networking, the little things add up. Repetition produces results—especially when building your referral networking business. Because the little things do add up, below are some simple things for you to consider regarding your attitude, body language, and congruence. This will help you determine whether or not people perceive you as approachable […]

Are You Worthy?

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“Wow, your baby sure is ugly!” When was the last time you heard someone say this? Maybe never, because no one is willing to say that out loud! How about this one? “Your clothing, marketing message, and overall business image are not referable.” Ouch, that hurts! We occasionally think this about the people we meet, […]

Resist Coin-Operated Networking

Coin-operated networking is like a vending machine. You take some coins, stick them in the slot, push the button, and your candy bar pops out the bottom of the machine. That’s transactional—and a transactional process is great for vending machines, but not for networking. If you’re trying to network by saying, “I will give you […]

Four Keys to Becoming a Networking Catalyst

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no mechanic. In fact, when I was a kid, my father (who could fix just about anything) took me out to the garage one day and said, “Son, you’d better go to college because you’re never going to make a living with your hands.”“Well, that was great […]

Stop Networking?

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When I ask an audience, “How many of you are here hoping to possibly sell something?” – almost everyone raises their hands. When I ask that same audience, “How many of you are here to possibly buy something?” nobody raises a hand. Ever – not one person. This is what I call the networking disconnect. […]

How and Where People Network

by Lisa Harris, Ivan Misner, Alan Rae As business people, we tend to believe that the best way to get a result is to be there in person, yet we have only so many hours to spend on promoting our business. We also know that there are countless online networking activities we could be participating […]

Top 10 Ways to Waste Your Time in a Networking Group

Networking groups pay off handsomely in terms of referral business, so make the most of every single meeting and avoid wasting time—especially in the following ten ways: Word-of-mouth marketing is a sure-fire way to generate new business. A single referral can bring in a chain reaction of business, as one satisfied customer tells others, who […]

Anchor Your Networking with Strong Relationships

This summer, our family took a multi-day, small-ship tour of the Great Barrier Reef near Australia. The first night we noticed that the anchor being used to secure our small ship in the middle of the Coral Sea was quite small compared to the size of the ship. The second night we were anchored off […]

Be Self-Aware. Be Selfless. Be Selfish.

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Let’s face it: Networking is about you. And that’s the problem. Every day millions of business seekers walk into networking events with one thing in mind: themselves. Don’t feel guilty. It’s totally natural. It’s also counterproductive. While you shouldn’t apologize for being a product of your baser (and more selfish) instincts, you need to be […]