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10 Methods for Building a Platform Today

I’ve been thinking about the ‘big picture’ lately. Generational cycles, societal worldviews, the voice of the emerging generation – the kinds of things that have no doubt left many of you wondering how they can be used to sell more books. So today, I’ve decided to focus my lens on 10 specific ways to create […]

Watch Your Word-of-Mouth

Word-of-mouth marketing is always working—it just may not be working in your favor. You may be thinking: Since I’m not asking anybody to refer me, word-of-mouth marketing isn’t something I need to concern myself with. If I provide good products or services and my customer service is up to par, I’ll naturally get more customers […]

Do Your Words Make Music?

Let’s Look at Magnetic Meter Modern schools teach Journalism and Creative Writing. Study Journalism and you’ll write ads that are informative. Study Creative Writing and you’ll write ads that entertain. But neither is likely to persuade. Only one school of writing always— introduces a new perspective, causes readers to feel differently, and does so in […]

10 Unusual Ways to Advertise

Are you a one-person company with a lunch-money ad budget?Good News: Time and money are interchangeable. You can always save one by spending more of the other. When money is tight, spend time. (If you don’t have any money AND you don’t have any time, then you’re spending your time on the wrong things.) The […]

Souls of Cities

I’ve created ads for local businesses from coast to coast for nearly a quarter century and I’ve studied the population of every place for which I’ve written ads; more than 100 towns in all. And I’ve presented seminars in an additional 92. That’s a lot of travel.And I’ve noticed that cities have personalities. Humor can […]

Why We Buy

Happiness rarely triggers commerce. Unhappiness often does. Purchases are triggered by dissatisfaction with the way things are. We purchase when we have a need, a desire, an itch to scratch. We want to change our condition, our surroundings, our state of mind. We buy because we are dissatisfied. And this dissatisfaction is often created by […]

Making Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work for You

You can’t just sit back and wait for word-of-mouth to do its thing–you need to put some effort into it. Word-of-mouth marketing is often considered one of the oldest and most powerful forms of advertising. In fact, most business-people understand that it works–they just don’t know how it works. Some people think word-of-mouth is something […]

Why Most Ads Put Us to Sleep

How often are you conscious of the fact that Earth, only Earth, is buried beneath an ocean of air?We, the fleas that dance on the skin of Mother Earth, live in this dry ocean. We use it to hold our airplanes off the ground. We blow out candles with it. We suck it in and […]

Stronger Ads Equal More Complaints

It’s no secret that stronger ads generate faster growth. But with each higher level of awareness comes an increase in complaints: “I’m sick of hearing your ads.” TRANSLATION: “It makes me mad that I can’t ignore you.” “Your ads don’t sound professional. They’re not polished and smooth.” TRANSLATION: “It makes me mad that your ads […]

Avoiding the Brink of Disaster . . . .

Which do you think would work better, the brilliant execution of a flawed strategy, or the flawed execution of a brilliant one? In business, it’s the flawed execution of a brilliant strategy that usually wins the day. Most advertising professionals are unwilling to question a client’s strategy because they’re afraid of losing the account. So […]