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The Nostalgia Effect on Book Sales

Well, you can’t blame publishers for trying. With the success of the Edwardian-era PBS soap Downton Abbey, whose premier drew some 4.2 million viewers, an enormous number for public television, the publishing world sees a skirt to hang onto. This bonbon of a series looks at life at a grand manor house in England, the […]

Writers Never Rest

Congress has left town for the holidays. So even less than nothing is getting done. Which may be a good thing. Things are winding down at publishing houses as harried editors put aside manuscripts, rejection letters and agents’ calls and look forward to the Christmas break. As for authors, well, authors are still writing. And […]

A Virtual Fight where the Consumer Loses

It’s getting ugly out there. Not that publishing has ever been pretty. But as the ground trembles around the seismic shifts of e-books, e-tail and e-everything, publishers and retailers are battling one another for a share of the market with a new ferocity. And it’s brick-and-mortrar versus e-tail. First, Amazon banned a publisher for a […]

You Have to Be An Extrovert to Succeed at Networking…Or Do You?

A common assumption is that an extroverted “people person” is the best type of networker. But this isn’t necessarily true. Most people who have started their own businesses and who depend directly on others buying their products or services have at least a certain comfort level in dealing with people. They may not be outgoing […]

Is Your Business Missing A Well Defined Loyalty Loop?

A few months ago we did a workshop on marketing.  Marketing is always a hot button topic from business owners. We had a lot of great content in the two day workshop but one concept was really well received in our workshop that we weren’t anticipating. It was the loyalty loop concept. A business has 2 loops […]

Business is Freedom

What do you like about the idea of owning a business?  I doubt it’s tax strategies.  I am pretty sure it’s not creating systems and processes.  What really drives business owners to go out on their own is freedom. As an entrepreneur, you don’t just own a business, you own your life.  You call the […]

Results That Really Matter

My question floored him. Paul sat staring at me for a few seconds, mouth slightly ajar, so I repeated it: “What are you going to do with all the money you make when we hit it big?” After a little more time, he broke his contemplation: “I guess I haven’t really had vision for anything […]

Unicycles on Telephone Wires

“What’s it like, being on the road all the time?” she asked, pretty lips and sparkling eyes making a truthful reply all the more difficult. “You know what it’s like being a counselor at this camp, right?” “Yeah.” “Imagine that 100 campers show up like they usually do, and you have to get to know […]

Qualified Answers to Persuasive Architecture

Information Architects have weighed in on my discussions of Persuasive Architecture. This reaction is typical: “Basically, good IA [Information Architecture] and good design combined with a sensible business approach will lead you to success. No big news there.” I have tremendous respect for Information Architecture (IA) as a discipline and as a profession. But I’m […]

Seven Secrets to Balance

As an Entrepreneur, finding time for your family, your business, and your leisure time can be challenging. It’s difficult to do it all. So, I thought you might like the secret to balance? Are you ready? Here it is… Forget about balance, it’s an illusion. ”Balance” assumes that we spend an equal amount of time […]