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Hop Onto Hot Topics

The erotica novel Fifty Shades of Grey has been a publishing sensation. And a satirist who came up with a parody has quickly landed a publishing deal and, for the publishing industry, a quick release date. Andrew Shaffer, a writer, reviewer, blogger and parodist, started running his own take-down of the novel on his website […]

Comment Now

How often do you comment on blog posts or leave a remark after having read an article? It should be often. If you’re building a platform for your work in order to reach a growing audience and build a base of readership for your book, you should be scouting interesting blog posts and forums and […]

Are To-Do Lists Sabotaging Your Success?

To-do lists are an important part of my daily life, even more important than my morning cup of coffee. They help me organize my busy days as a multitasking work-at-home-mother. They also help me maintain laser sharp focus as I take specific, actionable steps each day to bring goals into reality. But to-do lists can actually […]

Online Networks Still Lagging Behind Other Networking Efforts

As part of the survey for the book, Business Networking And Sex (not what you think), my co-authors and I asked several questions that weren’t used in the final manuscript. The survey was open to the public and was conducted with over 12,000 business people from every populated continent in the world. One of the […]

It’s Not Just Books

At Barnes & Noble, the nation’s largest bookstore chain, the holiday-season sales were good – but those for toys and games were up by a whopping 48%! What does that say about the state of books today? That books are a mere part of the retail landscape. But they always have been. What it really […]

Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post

Do you think you’d be more comfortable trying to set up a Starbucks on the moon then write a blog post? You’re not alone! The first few posts are sheer terror, but blogging becomes more bearable after you’ve published your first few. Before long, it’s actually fun! That being said, let’s start at the beginning. Here’s […]

Platforms to the Rescue

A nonprofit publisher of classic American literature has its first bestseller, thanks to the remarkable strength of platform. The platform in question is that of Andy Borowitz, the humorist with a super-successful site and RSS feed – the – and the book, which Borowitz edited, is The 50 Funniest American Writers: An Anthology of […]

Eighteenth-Century Platform-Building

Long before the days of the internet, of author platforms and online community-building, authors used to gauge before they wrote a word the interest of readers in a project, and only started producing a book when they got enough money from future readers for it. Now that physical books are on the way to becoming […]

Banned Book Reviews and the Platform-Builder

Amazon has banned some book reviews from its site. In particular, those from publicists and companies that consolidate reviews. But you shouldn’t worry – you’ve got a platform. Now, everyone knows the Amazon review system is flawed. Friends weigh in on authors’ books and bestow five stars to build up their rankings. Enemies try to […]

Best-Of Lists and Platform-Building

You may not make the top-10 list, but you’ve got a chance to be heard nonetheless. We’re at that time of year when “best of” articles and lists begin to appear. People whose job it is to look at movies, listen to music, read books and weigh in on such matters give us their opinions […]