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Think Young-Adult Nonfiction

Do you know what the most popular kind of book is? It’s young adult. Young adult fiction is one of the rare growth areas in publishing (apart from sales of e-books in relation to traditional paper and hardcover books). Some people see this as a continuation of the dumbing-down of modern society, and the rise […]

The Hopeful Book Lovers

The industry’s biggest event, Book Expo America is held in New York and, on the first full day of events, you get a hopeful sense among the attendees. It’s a contrast to the gloomy prognostications of declines in sales of paper books, and changes in traditional publishing. The floor of the Javits Center held booths […]

Offer Your Book in a Variety of Forms and Sizes

You want to be known. You want your message to be heard and spread. If you’re building a platform to broaden an audience then you are already in the process of getting your message out. You’re writing blogs, you’re commenting on what others write. You want to take it further. Although you’re probably building toward […]

The 7 Myths of Digital Publishing

People have preconceptions even about new technology they haven’t tried. It’s the equivalent of offering homeopathic advice you’ve never followed yourself. The Media Bistro site eBook Newser ran a fun little piece this week debunking what it calls five myths of e-books. These included the often-voiced complaint among the holdouts that e-books don’t smell like […]

Information Should Be Free

Give it away. Give your content to the public. Don’t charge for it. It won’t matter to the sales of your books. People will want what you are saying. If they respond to your message, it doesn’t matter if they get the information free to begin with. They’re likely to pay for it later, either […]

Authors Should Protect Themselves Against Goliath

The bestselling author Scott Turow posted a widely discussed letter, in his capacity as president of the Author’s Guild, about how Amazon is undermining the integrity of the bookselling business. As if publishers weren’t doing that themselves. In his letter he argues that Amazon undermines the bookstore experience, that the traditional publishers are important to […]

E-Book Authors Gets an Editorial Ally

In case anyone doubted that the self-publishing phenomenon was abating, Kirkus the venerable book review magazine, has just announced editing services for self-published authors. Kirkus has realized that many authors (most authors, in fact) benefit from editorial input. In fact, as it says in its release, “We’re dedicated to making it simple for an author […]

The E-Book Levels the Playing Field

You may recall that old New Yorker cartoon by P. Steiner that shows a hound of some sort in front of a computer, apparently on some sort of dating site, saying to his canine buddy, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” The same may be said about authors: On the Internet nobody knows […]

The Enduring Passion for Bookstores

Whither bookstores? This year, Borders Books closed and shut down its approximately 400 stores. Some of that business has migrated elsewhere: to Barnes & Noble, to online retailers and to independent bookstores. Recent reports have shown that this season, bookstores are reporting actually showing increased sales in the face of the e-book onslaught. A controversial […]

Paperbacks Fade, But Reading Remains

Gloomy figures are the norm now in the publishing industry. But do they tell the whole story? Paperback sales continue to drop, alas. But e-book sales seem to double each month. Still, according to the Association of American Publishers, total sales in September dropped 6.4% compared to the year before . Bad news, right? Maybe […]