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E for Victory

When exactly will e-books overtake traditional books in sales (and even reader preference)? Perhaps in the next two years, according to some publishing friends. Perhaps earlier, according to some colleagues. Barnes & Noble’s retail sales are still slipping (down 1% during the second quarter compared to last year), though not as drastically as they had […]

Old-Fashioned Children’s Books in a Digital Age

The digital age is upon us, but for parents, it’s still paper. With their children. The thing is, most children (and a healthy portion of adults) are easily distracted. And if parents try to read something to their children on their trusty tablet, well, the toddler might just prefer to play a game rather than […]

Books Are Only Part Of It

People still think they’re going to make a fortune from a book. That the book will make them. That their futures will be made. The truth is, the world has very few authors such as J.K. Rowling, who sell hundreds of millions of dollars from the sales of her novels. But even J.K. Rowling knows […]

Reading Grows, Physical Books Retreat

Hardcover sales are down again, and e-book sales are up. But you figured that. How often do you actually buy a physical book nowadays? Even I myself, a published author who loves reading, hesitate now to add another to my collection. Last week at a large reading in New York for a celebrated writer, I […]

The Fading Bookstore

“In-store business has all but disappeared,” explained Greg Ketter in a letter explaining the shuttering of his retail store DreamHaven in Minneapolis at the end of January. The store is closing its brick-and-mortar operation, but keeping its online business. It’s another sign of the fading of the actual bookstore experience. Which is a pity. Sure, […]

The Publishing Imprint Moves Further Online

Amazon continues to expand its publishing business. It’s been much more than a simple online retailer for a while, but it’s using its power as the world’s largest ecommerce site to erode further the domination of traditional publishers. Amazon now has several imprints under which it publishes original and out-of-print books. The company just announced […]

Whose Team Do You Play On?

Roy H. Williams, author of The Wizard of Ads, said it best (paraphrased): “The only thing more important than who you select to play on your team is, who selects you to play on their team.” I fundamentally believe that this is the most important criterion for success, not only for life, but also for […]

You Don’t Have To Settle For Mediocre

We don’t like to think that we settle for mediocrity in our lives.  Mediocrity can manifest itself in the form of bad friendships, a job we hate and the way we handle the operation of our business.  We don’t have to settle for mediocrity yet oftentimes we do. Mediocrity is sneaky. One day we are […]

The Digital Tipping Point

We’re at a tipping point in the distribution of entertainment. Soon, almost everything will come to us when we want it, in digital form. Following electronic readers from Sony, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon, we’re likely to have a new tablet-style computer from Apple by the end of the first quarter of next year that […]

Simple Publishing Secrets

I started to explain all the complicated reasons why I pull back a little every time I go to the Poetry Slam. “I don’t just want to compete for the score. I want to say something meaningful, to be more about community than about trying to win. The scores are so unpredictable, and I never […]