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Media’s Missing Mass

Back in the days when every teenage boy dreamed of outrunning a police cruiser, the wisdom handed down from aging speedsters was, “Remember son, you can’t outrun them radios.” The fact that policemen were constantly connected by 2-way radios was mind-boggling to us. When we wanted to contact someone, we had to pull over and […]

Zombie Books and Business Titles

We live in an age of zombies. “The Walking Dead” is the biggest show on cable television – and is bigger than most shows on broadcast networks. And authors of zombie-themed books are doing exceptionally well online, according to an interesting article on the Daily Dot that examines this phenomenon and the growing strength of […]

Rejection Isn’t Personal: It’s Business as Usual in Publishing

An author of self-published, bestselling zombie e-novels (a phenomenon that will be the subject of a future post), said that a reason he decided to self-publish was not only the continuing rejection from traditional publishers. But a specific rejection. In fact, it was the way one particular rejection, or mass rejection, was handled that decided […]

Pick One: Open Methodology or Slave to Technology

You wouldn’t believe how many companies place their businesses at the mercy of their technology. You’d expect technology to be at the beck and call of business and its rules. Technology is supposed to enhance and optimize businesses, not govern and hinder. Sadly, that’s not the case.Tech issues are fundamental. They affect return on investment […]

7 Publishing Myths

7 Publishing Myths, by Chris Maddock and Michael Drew In the seven posts that follow this one, we’ll discuss some widespread publishing myths, how and why they’re false, and what the truth means to you and your own book. Each myth and its mirror reality make a great case for tactically blogging your book (the […]

University Press Publishing

University presses are more important than their collective sales, which amount to less than 2% of the industry total. Affiliated with, and subsidized by, major universities, their mandate is to publish scholarly works regardless of their commercial sales potential. To help offset losses incurred in the advance of human knowledge, many university presses try to […]


Biography/Autobiography is a category comprised of conventional examinations of contemporary and historical figures by third parties, and accounts of lives and life-altering experiences in the first person. According to the annual report Business of Consumer Publishing 2006, published by Simba Information, Biography generated $431 million dollars in 2006, which placed it ninth out of nineteen […]