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The E-Book Tug-of-War Between Publishers an Libraries

Why can’t publishers and libraries get along? It used to be that libraries were a huge market for traditional publishers, but with the growth of e-books, and publishers’ concerns about digital piracy and loss of sales, all of a sudden libraries became possible opponents in a tug-of-war about e-book distribution. Every time I see an […]

Where Are All the Self-Published Business E-books?

The biggest successes so far in e-book self-publishing have been among genre novels: thrillers, science fiction, romance. What about business books? You’d think it might be a natural, given that so many entrepreneurs have ideas for building business, or managing a business or creating a business and would want to get their message out before […]

Self-Publishing Continues to Strengthen

Although the dream of many writers remains being signed by a major publisher and ending up a bestseller, more and more authors are finding success through self-publishing. Now, we at Beneath the Cover are advocates for any form of publishing that allows you to get your message heard, and to build your platform. But more […]

Self-Publishing and Self-Selling

Publishers long ago should have not only created their own multi-platform e-readers, they should have seen the digital revolution and begun to sell books themselves. But they didn’t, and now they’re playing catch-up. Though they still don’t sell their own books. They work through Amazon and other retailers to do that. Publishers might not be […]

Freedom of Choice, Paper or Digital

Although it’s likely that the paperback may be replaced in the near future by the e-book, for some big-name authors, a paperback is still a worthwhile object. At least Stephen King believes so. And who’s to doubt one of the bestselling authors in the world? King is publishing his next novel, Joyland, in a paperback-only […]

Self-Publishing Validation

The University of Chicago Press is going to publish next month A Naked Singularity, a 700-page debut novel that Sergio De La Pava self-published in 2008, using Xlibris. Interesting news, especially for a novel that appeared four years ago. And it’s news because? Because a “traditional” publisher, in this case a university press, will publish […]

Self-Publishing at an Early Age, or Any Age

Self-publishing means many people can create books online. Even teenagers. Young teens, in fact. An article in The New York Times about how teenagers have taken to self-publishing shows how important books remain for people as a means of expression and accomplishment, and how easily one can become published, without a publisher, an agent or […]

E-books as Business Extras

The e-book can be a powerful tool as an adjunct to your business. Not only can your online platform, and future book, help you build and serve and audience, e-books can replace reams of paper given out at conferences and at seminar. They can even replace liner notes. The rock band Shinedown is releasing an […]

A French Digital Revolution?

Amazon recently introduced its Kindle in France. Can a French (digital) revolution be far behind? At a party in Paris the other night, the conversation turned away from politics for a while (thankfully) during this presidential election year on both sides of the Atlantic and toward books. In particular, e-books. Interestingly, the talk was similar […]

Crowd-sourcing Your Book

As someone who is probably writing, or considering writing, a book, you know that nowadays you have options for publishing. You can try to find an agent, who should ideally help you find a publisher, or you can self-publish. But if you decide to self-publish, what do you do about the whole persnickety editing process?  […]