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Your Future Is Digital

Soon you won’t really have to choose between digital or paper. The book world has gone “onscreen,” for better or worse. Your work will see the light, most likely, in an e-book format. E-book sales continue to rise, and traditional formats continue to fall. According to the industry group the American Association of Publishing year, […]

Digital Dominance

The latest figures from Barnes & Noble are not surprising. No, they don’t show yet another decline in hardcover book sales. They demonstrate the continuing strength of the company’s e-reader, the Nook. In case you’ve expressed any doubt about whether the future of the book was digital (despite the handwringing of some authors and readers […]

The Publisher as Curator

When people defend traditional publishers they argue that publishing houses employ editors who “curate” their particular lists. Thus ensuring quality. (That “quality” is a term broadly defined goes without saying, given the number of bad books published each year.) Being a publishing curator – a fancier term for being an editor who decides whether to […]

We Still Need Bookstores

The record store is pretty much extinct. Will bookstores follow? I hope not. An interesting article about Barnes & Noble’s efforts to compete against Amazon showed how even the largest and once-feared retailer can become a victim of changing buying habits and the new realities of the digital marketplace. But more people are probably going […]

A Self-Publishing Success Story

A seasoned author is reaping the rewards of self-publishing. J.A. Konrath, a thriller writer, has said on his blog,, that he’s earned $100,000 in the last three weeks from his self-published books. Konrath has been published by what he calls “legacy publishers” and, like many authors who are not huge name brands, he has […]

E-book Pricing and Publishing Reality

Prices of e-books are creeping, even jumping up. Bargains don’t last forever. In some cases, e-books are more expensive than a paperback edition of the same title, according to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal. Publishers are probably trying to make up for the income lost as sales decline of hardbound books, especially […]

The Amazon Publishing Push

If publishers could sell their own books, don’t you think they’d become retailers, too? With Amazon diving deeper into the world of publishing, traditional publishers – who are already trying to cope with changes in the marketplace – are feeling more and more pushed to the side. Yesterday, Amazon announced that it had signed a […]

E-Books Aren’t Virtual Reality

E-books are real books. Really. I had conversations with two people in the past week who both said they read e-books, but that they also liked to read “real” books. One friend, a noted author in his 70s, with many “real” books to his credit, told me that he loves his Kindle, and that he […]

The Author as Publisher

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Publishers are taking advantage of this new marketplace where authors are more entrepreneurial, but more and more authors who are self-published are becoming publishers in their own right. This is a huge change for publishing in general. Also, because some of these author-publishers are beginning to see remarkable success, big media are now regarding them […]

No Matter the Format, Your Book Is Your Calling Card

Beneath the Cover, publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity well

Traditional media – newspapers, for example – are reluctant to report good news about self-publishing. Even as more writers self-publish, the conglomerates that run media outlets would rather report on figures from traditional publishers. That’s because self-publishing is one of those disruptions to an industry that could upend the normal way of doing things. So, […]