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Framing the Problem

We’ve already examined Uncovery, the first, most critical phase of the Persuasion Architecture. Let’s move on to phase two, Wireframing Wireframing is a simple, nontechnical process. It takes its name from the skeletal structure that underlies any type of sculpture. A wireframe is a skeletal rendering of every click-through possibility on your site. It’s a […]

Money, A Name, or A Difference

Using Your Book to Get You Where You Want to Go Publishers publish. Authors write. Literary agents sell, and promoters promote. We all perform different tasks, yet we all share similar reasons for doing what we do: we all want the same three basic things—– Money A NAME To make a difference Book industry professionals […]

Your Book Business

Your book is a business-builder. Or it should be. You want to spread your message, become known and create an audience for your ideas and ultimately for your business. (We’re speaking primarily of nonfiction authors here.) This is apparently news to Publisher’s Weekly, which just published an article looking at the self-publishing marketing for the […]

It’s Not the Price, It’s the Value

I read a funny urban legend the other day about an apocryphal statement by a former astronaut. The comment went something like this: “It really makes you think when you realize you are hurtling through space in a craft built by the lowest bidder!” People have some interesting notions about what constitutes value. If they […]

Post-Publication & Post-Post-Publication

180 Additional Days to Harvest a Bestseller The summer harvest season runs from the beginning of June through the end of August. It encompasses 90 days when farmers gather mature crops from their fields, cool, sort, clean and pack them, and then ship them off to the wholesale and consumer markets. The harvest period, no […]

Rejection Isn’t Personal: It’s Business as Usual in Publishing

An author of self-published, bestselling zombie e-novels (a phenomenon that will be the subject of a future post), said that a reason he decided to self-publish was not only the continuing rejection from traditional publishers. But a specific rejection. In fact, it was the way one particular rejection, or mass rejection, was handled that decided […]

The Self-Publishing Shadow Industry

You still see publishing trend reports that claim that e-book sales are flattening. But these trend reports ignore the shadow industry of the self-published author. People aren’t buying fewer e-books. They’re buying fewer e-books from traditional publishers and instead choosing more e-books books from self-published authors. Because so many books are now being published by […]

Logging On

Using Websites to Connect with a Platform of Millions Part 1 of 2 Working Harder It’s 1987 and your publishing house has just signed an emerging author with real potential. He has a unique message, a dynamic personality, and he understands the importance of building a sizable marketing platform. But what he doesn’t have is […]

The Self-Publishing Stigma Persists

If you’re writing a book, you have some important questions to consider: Look for an agent? Look for a traditional publisher? Self-publish? Along with those questions, comes this: Does it matter if you self-publish, given that so many authors are making a living doing this? I can’t answer those questions for you, but I know […]

The Ongoing Boxing Match: Amazon vs. Hachette

If you follow the publishing industry you’ve seen quite a few articles and blogs on the dispute between Amazon and Hachette. One is a giant retailer, the other a giant publisher. Amazon is demanding higher royalties (and lower prices on e-books) from Hachette. Hachette is demanding, well, who knows? It doesn’t seem to speaking for […]