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Publishing: The Great Equalizer

At a recent Book Expo in New York City, where publishers, authors, journalists, booksellers and others meet to network and to drum up interest in new titles (and books in general), one thing was obvious: this was the rare place in these United States where the political parties met without rancor. To anyone who’s followed […]

E-Reading Escalates

Chances are good that you’ve already got an e-reader. Maybe a Kindle, a Nook, an iPad or another tablet or smart phone. Do you read books on it? If you do, you’ve probably got more reading material than you even anticipated you’d have when you first downloaded a title. There are a lot of people […]

Digital Fill-Ins

Little by little, the digital world is taking over. And filling in where some print options no longer exist. Remember when many general-interest magazines used to run fiction? Back in the days before magazines devoted their pages to lists, stunt journalism, how-to features and whatever else other than things literary? Apart from The New Yorker […]

Ten Surefire Writing Tips

Everyone thinks there’s a magic bullet to getting a book written. There isn’t. But if you follow a few tips, you will find yourself more productive, and, presto – like magic a book will be born. 1. Keep to a schedule. This means that you write every day, or five days a week, or four […]

The E-book Surge and You

My colleagues and I think that e-book sales will dominate the market by next year. Why is this significant? Well, sales of e-books continue to rise in general, despite climbing prices from publishers who are trying to offset the loss in traditional books (that is, those books printed on paper and cardboard), by charging more […]

Forging a Facebook Community for your Message

As someone who’s building a platform to engage with an audience and spread ideas, you’re probably connected with social-networking sites. In particular with Facebook. But more than simply trying to get people to “like” your post, you want to engage readers through comments and get your post linked to other posts, so that you’re building […]

Checking On Your Progress

We’re already a fourth of the way through 2012. Yes, already. Have you been keeping up with your resolutions to write this year? While the publishing industry continues to figure out what to do with the amazing rise and popularity of self-published e-books, let’s hope that you are ignoring the commotion and continuing to build […]

The End of an Encyclopedic Era

Encyclopedia Britannica is not going to be available in physical form any longer, according to a news report. The physical edition is a casualty of the Internet age and of the power of Wikipedia. Many of the comments about this announcement in The New York Times bemoan the inability to search at random through Internet […]

Judging a Book by Its Author (or Pseudonym)

Apparently you only have one chance in publishing. A book is not bought because of its content, but because of the sales of previous books by the same author. Even if the new book has promise. If you’re previous books didn’t sell as well as whatever publisher were expecting them to sell, you’re out of […]