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Concentrating Where You Can

Write where you can. When you can. However you can. I admire folks who can continue to concentrate whatever the situation. In my many years as a journalist for a big newspaper I needed to be able to concentrate amid the noise of a newsroom (that noise is lessened now that most people arrange appoints […]

The Story of a Methodical Personality

Beneath the Cover, promote a book, writing a book, methodical personality

We’ve been looking at how to market to the methodical personality. To recap, methodical personalities prepare and organize before they take action. They appreciate facts. They value organization and routine. They prefer to think and speak about details and specifics. They are thoughtful. They plan in advance and want to know all the details. Here’s […]

How to End

Endings aren’t quite as important as beginnings in drawing readers in, but they’re important in trying to continue to a dialogue. If you read a lot of newspapers (and you should, since they can provide you with ideas for your own writing, especially if you’re building a platform and using your blog to create a […]

Marketing to the Methodical Personality

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, promote a book, methodical personality

We’ve been looking at how to market to different personality types. Here we will look at what we call the methodical personality. Methodical personalities prepare and organize before they take action. For methodical personalities the completion of a task is its own reward. They appreciate facts, they want hard data and they demand that information […]

How to Begin

Get started. Now there’s an opening line. Have you wondered how to get to the point fast in your blog posts? Well, think big – that is, challenge the reader, or demand something of your reader. Then elaborate on your argument. Novelists do it all the time. Consider these great openings: “Call me Ishmael.” ” […]

Where to Find Inspiration

Many new writers often ask many other, more established writers, where they find their ideas. (Novelists get this a lot, as do columnists.) Some people have a lot of ideas generating around in their fertile imaginations (Stephen King, for example), while others find that a few simple tips can help them not only find, but […]

Writing as Thinking

Many people don’t know what they think until they write it. Their thoughts are often random impressions and vague ideas. It’s writing that gives them shape. It’s books that help shape thoughts further, and it’s a book that can give you the makings of a platform from which to further expand your business. As you […]

Young Adult Sales and Your Book

Harry Potter is available now for digital download (for purchase and at libraries), which means that we can expect further increase in digital-book sales. And young adult titles make up the strongest-selling category in books. So what kind of book are you writing? If you’re an entrepreneur or a thought leader who’s creating a platform […]

Before You Can Publish…Write

Okay. Get writing. Sure, networking and marketing and, of course, building a platform to find, expand and communicate with your audience are all good for your book. But first: You’ve got to put words down on paper (or digitally). My colleague Michael Drew has a book-outlining process that lets the hesitant self-doubting future author actually […]

Write the Truth without Rancor

Take a stand against the dumbing-down of the world, and write clearly, concisely and truthfully. You may be surprised to learn how many people don’t grasp basic facts about the world, but you shouldn’t pander to those who aren’t educated to your standards. As a writer, as someone with a powerful message, as someone who’s […]