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How to Begin

Get started. Now there’s an opening line. Have you wondered how to get to the point fast in your blog posts? Well, think big – that is, challenge the reader, or demand something of your reader. Then elaborate on your argument. Novelists do it all the time. Consider these great openings: “Call me Ishmael.” ” […]

Where to Find Inspiration

Many new writers often ask many other, more established writers, where they find their ideas. (Novelists get this a lot, as do columnists.) Some people have a lot of ideas generating around in their fertile imaginations (Stephen King, for example), while others find that a few simple tips can help them not only find, but […]

Before You Can Publish…Write

Okay. Get writing. Sure, networking and marketing and, of course, building a platform to find, expand and communicate with your audience are all good for your book. But first: You’ve got to put words down on paper (or digitally). My colleague Michael Drew has a book-outlining process that lets the hesitant self-doubting future author actually […]

Cultivate Clarity To Seize Success

A series of painful lessons recently reminded me of the importance of cultivating clarity before taking massive action. By making assumptions, I ended up making a heck of a lot more work for myself. Ever been there? A few simple steps could have saved me a lot of time, energy and frustration. Oh, that I […]

Tips to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Making the switch to new technology harbors hidden costs. Steep learning curves compromise productivity, costing your company time and money. If you’re thinking about upgrading your technology, take a few proactive steps and minimize decreased productivity and increased irritation. Recently my beloved PC went the way of electronic items and crashed permanently. I decided to […]

Where Ideas Come From

Professional writers, especially novelists, are often asked where they get their ideas. Ideas come from other ideas. You see connections and you train your mind to weigh in on those connections. One thing leads to another, and an idea grows out of the possibility for expressing a similarity or a difference between what you’ve observed. […]

What’s The Best System For Productivity?

When it comes to productivity there are a lot of systems out there to help you organize your time and use it effectively.  One thing that people ask me a lot is, what is the best system for being productive? The majority of my scheduling and productivity comes from the work that I did with […]

Don’t Block that Potential

Most of us don’t live up to our potential. We think we can’t do better than what we do this moment, and we accept where we are in life. In short, many of us are defeatists even before we’ve attempted something. We have these false beliefs not only about ourselves and our potential, but also […]

One Time At A Party . . .

“I once thought I should write a book about it,” Sarah said. My ears perked up in the midst of our New Year’s game of spades out at a central Texas ranch. “But I just never got around to it. It probably would have just been for me if I had,” she continued. “What did […]

Get Up

I lay flat on my back in my Petoskey, Michigan, bed, mucus filling my nostrils, throat, and lungs. A million ice cubes shivered across my skin. As soon as I wrapped myself in heavy blankets, blistering heat threatened to burn me from the inside out. Little alien aches turned my body into a pile of […]