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Writing Rules or Not

If you’re writing a book, or beginning to outline the book you plan to write, you may be looking for rules to follow on how to go about putting your book together. There are no rules. Really – no one knows anything about what makes a book successful or not. Or to get it finished. […]

The Story Part of Your Book

If you’re writing a business book, or at least a book that explains your process or the service you offer, you will spend a lot of time going through the methods of why you do what you do or why you recommend what you recommend. Don’t forget to tell a story. Don’t forget stories, ever. […]

Getting Started, Getting Going

How you structure your day affects what you accomplish. Yes,  I’m talking about lists. You’d be amazed at how effective simple list-making can mean. I’m at the beginning of a big project that involves many separate documents to edited or written, organizing those documents into a coherent sequence and creating a calendar for the dissemination […]