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Write a Proposal, No Matter Where or How You Publish Your Book

No matter how you intend to try to publish your book you should craft a proposal for it. This means that if you’re planning to self-publish electronically, or to self-publish on demand, or to attempt to sell your book to a traditional publisher, you should nevertheless do that resolutely old-fashioned but necessary thing, and create […]

Give Your Creativity a Boost

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. You have a routine. You have certain things you need to do everyday. Eat breakfast. Get dressed. Walk the dog. Get the kids off to school. Get some work done. Pick up the kids. Eat dinner. Brush your teeth. Work some more. Squeeze in a few hours […]

More Skepticism, Less Narrative

We are drawn to stories. But can we trust them? That’s something that the economist Tyler Cowen addresses in a widely circulated Ted Talk, one recently transcribed for the interesting website, Less Wrong Discussion. The point of his talk is that although stories are part of us, we tend to want to put our complex, […]

What Children Can Teach You About Audacity

Be audacious. That’s how you grab and hold customers’ attention. That’s what makes a sale and buildsrelationships. Getting the attention of an adult can be harder than getting a hyperactive 4-year-old to pay attention. Every day your customers face a flood of commercials, ads, news and social media screaming to be noticed. My kids showed […]

The Best Way To Fail in Business

Word-of-mouth from a disgruntled customer spreads faster than wildfire. That disgruntlement comes usually from service rather than anything else. In his illuminating book The Culture Code Clotaire Rapaille, in examining cultural signifiers in different countries, found that in the U.S., what’s most important is great service. More important than quality. A Sampling in Shoddy Customer […]

Content, Choice and Confusion

There’s a lot of content out there. Sometimes too much. But at least people are still reading. They’re just spreading out the media. Choices can be confusing, for authors and for publishers. Maybe less so for consumers, who are calling the shots now that they can opt to receive content in a variety of ways. Consider movies. […]

It’s Not Always Where You’re Born, It’s How You Think

In his illuminating book The Culture Code, the author Clotaire Rapaille talks about how, being born in France, he had no choice of homeland. “From the time I was very young,” he writes, “I knew that parts of the French culture failed to fit me properly. The French are extremely critical, they are pessimistic, they […]

Bonjour. And I Really Mean It.

I’m lucky to live part of the year in Paris, and this dream of mine to enlarge my cultural horizons brings with it daily revelations about the great variety of human experiences. It also reinforces certain things about national character. Not in a bad way. In France, you say bonjour when you enter a store. […]

Sick of Politics and Power Trips?—You Might Be an Entrepreneur

BNIBusinessIndex.com has released its worldwide business survey findings for the first quarter of 2011. Almost 1,500 businesspeople participated in the survey — people from every populated continent around the world — and the results indicate that, overall, the global economic state is improving. Some 69.4% of the respondents for the first quarter of 2011 feel […]

A Story of Being Unique In a Saturated Market

The sage puppet, Kermit The Frog, stated his case for the trials of being unique when he said, “It Ain’t Easy Being Green”.   Kermit is right.  It is hard to be different.  It’s much easier to do what everyone else is doing.  Does being like everyone else equal success?  In today’s saturated marketplace, even if […]