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How to End

Endings aren’t quite as important as beginnings in drawing readers in, but they’re important in trying to continue to a dialogue. If you read a lot of newspapers (and you should, since they can provide you with ideas for your own writing, especially if you’re building a platform and using your blog to create a […]

Goals Won’t Get You Where You Want to Go

I stopped setting goals. I suggest you stop, too. Before you and Zig Ziglar hurl rotten vegetables my way in protest, let me explain. Although I’ve stopped setting goals, I haven’t become a low-life couch potato whose primary function is taking up space and collecting dust. Quite the contrary. Rather than setting goals, I make […]

On-Demand Creativity

Pop quiz. Question: What sets authors apart from non authors? Answer: Authors write. Seriously. I wasn’t attempting to be snooty or funny. But it’s that simple: you’ve got to do it to be it. Most people get paralyzed by the dreaded writer’s block. You know — those moments when you think you’re channeling brilliance and […]

Seeing in the Dark

On May 25, 2001, Erik Weihenmayer climbed up to Touch the Top Of The World. And in doing so, he became the first blind man to ever reach the summit of Mt. Everest. Pretty astounding feat, huh? I thought so, too. And then I saw the trailer for BLINDSIGHT, a documentary chronicling Weihenmayer’s return journey […]

Look Up, Look Up, Look Up!

Recently I was strolling down a very crowded city street in a large European city. People were walking in both directions with great purpose and direction – families, business professionals, tourists and individuals. One pedestrian, however, stood out from the rest. She was walking a bit slower, with an uneven, irregular pace, and she had […]

Advertising, Like Reduction Sauce

Hi Roy, Thanks for the mention in the MMM today. It never ceases to amaze me the buzz something like that creates. Reading it also reminds me of the other conversation that took place at the same time, when you and Dave were talking about how a chef reduces the sauce to intensify the flavour […]

Getting to the Finish Line

Most of life is a journey, not a destination. Except projects such as a book. You’ve got to finish it at some point. Now, the finished book isn’t the end point of your efforts. As we’ve noted before, if you’re an entrepreneur who’s writing a book, you’re doing it to expand your business, and a […]

Budgeting Your Book

Most people don’t get paid to write books. Most people who are writing books haven’t received an advance for them. Writing a book involves a serious commitment in time in the hope of creating something that will expand your business, spread your message and make you a go-to expert. You will have to pay to […]

What to Leave Out

You can’t put everything you know into a book. Unless you’re Leo Tolstoy or Marcel Proust or George Eliot.

But if you’re an expert in your field, and writing a book based on your work or the courses you teach, you’ll soon realize that you have too much information that can be easily contained in a single book.

Repurposing Material for a Book

A book is different from a seminar, and your seminar materials might make a good book, but not in the form that you use for your seminar. In writing your book you may discover that what worked in other contexts – a seminar, for example – might not apply in book form. Some people who […]