Success Takes Planning (and a Little Luck)

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You may remember the story of how Michael Drew and his team boosted Ivan Misner’s book, Masters of Success, to the number one-spot on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. Here’s a recap: Michael and his team staged simultaneous book-signing events in multiple cities. They used Ivan’s marketing platform to ensure attendance at these events, […]

Shorter is Better

The Wizard’s Laws of the Universe, Lesson One My friend Kary Mullis once said, “Claims made by scientists… can be separated from the scientists who make them. It isn’t important to know who Isaac Newton was. He discovered that force is equal to mass times acceleration. He was an antisocial, crazy bastard who wanted to […]

When Legos Learn to Love: The Story of a Successful Title

“Is this anyone’s?” I asked from onstage as we set up for our little show. The black walls of the fraternity house basement answered me with silence. None of the setup crew said anything either. The little lego astronaut in my hand smiled back with his plastic face. He looked so cool and seemed so […]

Effective Skimming and Scanning

You take the time to write correctly. Your text is persuasive. How do you ensure a reader engages with the text on your Web pages? This goes beyond copywriting. It’s a usability issue. Usability professionals use two terms to describe how visitors engage with text: skimming and scanning. “There’s a difference? And I need to […]

Are You Prepared for Author-hood?

My buddy Chuck ushered in his first child a week before his 37th birthday. When I asked why he didn’t become a father sooner, he said he wanted to make sure he was ready for such a huge responsibility. From an emotional standpoint, he needed to feel like he’d sewn his wild oats and was […]

Where Oh Where Did My Eyeballs Go?

We all know that human behavior is not always predictable. Take “eye-tracking” — the way your eyes move as you search for information. You pick up a newspaper — your eyes go for the pictures first. So it should follow that the same thing will happen when you sit in front of a computer screen, […]

Look Up, Look Up, Look Up!

Recently I was strolling down a very crowded city street in a large European city. People were walking in both directions with great purpose and direction – families, business professionals, tourists and individuals. One pedestrian, however, stood out from the rest. She was walking a bit slower, with an uneven, irregular pace, and she had […]

Hi-Def Imagination

People tell me they want to learn to think outside the box. No problemo. The secret is to stay out of the box to begin with. You crawl into the box when you think about your problem and wrap its known obstacles around you. So quit. Focus instead on an interesting saying, quote, or phrase […]

Big Ideas and Business Books

Every book needs a big idea, of course. But the big idea should also be refracted throughout the book, so that it sticks with the reader. Each chapter should reflected an aspect of the big idea, but have its big idea too. So, if you’re writing a book about your service, whatever it is, that […]

Is God in the Details?

The left brain is your link to this physical world and the right brain is your link to the spiritual. It’s all very simple, really. It’s just a question of body and soul. Sight, sound, touch and muscular control are housed in the brain’s left hemisphere and provide your soul’s connection to physical reality. Language […]