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Surprise Your Reader: Tell Stories

If you’re writing a book, and especially if you’re building a platform for reaching an audience who will respond to your message and, later, your book, you should also consider yourself a storyteller. Even if you’re not writing fiction. We live for stories and, according to the latest neuroscience research, it’s stories that affect Broca’s […]

Keep Readers Interested to the End

Do you buy more books than you can read? Then you probably put aside more books than you finish. That also probably means that you’re the proud owner of an e-reader, whether it’s a Kindle, a Nook, a Sony or an iPad or any other digital e-reading device. Because it’s so easy to buy and […]

Confessions of a Multitask-aholic

Hi. My name is Kirsten, and I’m a multitask-aholic. I tried to kick the habit. I even interviewed Dave Crenshaw, bestselling author and industry expert on multitasking. Even though Dave’s message—that multitasking actual wastes your time—makes logical sense, I’ve stayed stuck in my multitasking ways. Call it a weakness. Call it a guilty pleasure. But […]

Goals Won’t Get You Where You Want to Go

I stopped setting goals. I suggest you stop, too. Before you and Zig Ziglar hurl rotten vegetables my way in protest, let me explain. Although I’ve stopped setting goals, I haven’t become a low-life couch potato whose primary function is taking up space and collecting dust. Quite the contrary. Rather than setting goals, I make […]

Keep Readers Reading

We live in an age of distractions. Pay attention. That’s better. I’ve got you for maybe a minute. A minute before you click on a link that takes you somewhere more interesting for another 30 seconds or so. If you read books on a tablet, or on an Internet-enabled e-reader, you’re probably finding that your […]

How to Present Your Services to a Spontaneous-Personality Client

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, promote a book, spontaneous personality types, The Wizard of Oz

In our last post on working with spontaneous personality types, we looked at the buying needs for this spontaneous personality. Here we will look at how you present your product, service, approach and methods to this personality type. Presentation is what a business does to meet the needs of personas through using all of the […]

Stay Stupid in Your Head. Really.

You have the curse of knowledge. Bet you didn’t know that. But it’s true: You know your talents and gifts. They come easily to you. Almost as easily as breathing. So you probably take for granted something you’re good at. Which means that sometimes you assume that everyone knows what you know because you happen […]

Uncovering Spontaneous Buying Needs

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, promote a book, spontaneous personality

In our last post on working with spontaneous personality types we looked at the value words that the spontaneous personality type responds to – words such as exciting, enjoy, edgy. Here we will look at the buying needs for the spontaneous personality type. What is the need, problem or opportunity that you will identify and […]

Share Your Story

“Stories only happen to people who can tell them” ~ Roy H. Williams Writing is good for the soul. It feeds a part of many of us that is otherwise silent and forgotten. Creative writing is a lost art of expression and release. It’s a way to give voice to what happens during your day. […]