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Digital Dependence

You may have noticed that we live in a post-apocalyptic age. At least fictionally. Many movies and television and novels have set their plots after an Armageddon-like event, whether it’s a nuclear holocaust or an alien invasion. N smart phones, no entertainment devices, no digital tools, no social media. This is obviously not wishful thinking, […]

Keeping Hold of Your Readers

In my last post I raised the question of why the HBO series “Game of Thrones” is such a success. Not questioning its quality – it’s first-rate – but the reason something so seemingly old-fashioned would find a sizable audience. I think one reason, beyond its immersive quality, is that while “Game of Thrones” is […]

Have We Lost the Ability to Follow Narrative?

I’m somewhat surprised that the HBO series Game of Thrones, adapted from George R.R. Martin’s fantasy epic “A Song of Ice and Fire” is so successful. Everybody I know is watching it, and its fan base is spread across all age groups, from attention-deficit teens to people who confess to senior moments. I’m surprised that […]

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing

If you ever start following one of your dreams, it’s a good thing to remember that you have no idea what you’re doing. You may make a plan, chart out your course, or have a feeling of how it’s going to work out, but nothing will prepare you for what happens when you actually do […]

What Are the Steps to Making a Book? – Part 4 of 4

For the past few weeks I have been writing about 12 Steps to Making a Book: Step 1 – Prepare Yourself Step 2 – Start Thinking ‘Platform’ Step 3 – Identify Your Target Market Step 4 – Write the Book Step 5 – Plan Your Marketing Step 6 – Choose a Publishing Model Step 7 […]

What Are the Steps to Making a Book? – Part 1 of 4

What are the steps to making a book? It’s a straightforward question that warrants a straightforward answer. Having been involved in the “making” of over 100 books and 50 national bestsellers since breaking in as a publicist and special sales coordinator for Executive Excellence Publishing in 1997, I can identify 12 major steps in the […]

Bad Writers Can Be Bestsellers, Too

How well you write has very little to do with whether you make the non-fiction bestsellers lists – or really whether you can create any kind of an audience for your book. There are authors – probably not bestsellers – who would argue this point. But they’d be mistaken. Sorry Sheakspeare, selling lots of books […]

Do You Want to Inform or Persuade?

The process we use to plan persuasive elements of a Web site is called persuasive architecture. It is the organization of the buying and selling processes married to the information flow. The focus is persuading visitors to take action. It’s similar to information architecture, which involves the design of organization and navigation systems to help […]