What People Are Reading

You know what readers are buying? Young adult novels. You know what they’re not buying? Books that are geared exclusively toward adults. I’m not sure why – though I’m sure critics would say it’s because of a general dumbing-down of today’s reading audience. Yet adult fans of YA – young adult – novels say it’s […]

The Importance of an Outline

You need to outline your book. Even if you plan to self-publish it and feel you don’t have to put together a proposal of your work, you really need to outline it. Why? Because that way you can see what you have, what you’re missing and how everything should be organized. In fact, writing an […]

Your Writing Is Important

You write to express yourself, to build your business, to become known. You write because you have something to say. Your writing is important. At a time when more and more books are being published and it’s harder and harder to get noticed, you need to know that your writing is worth pursuing. Yes, there’s […]

Rating Your Book Against Others

What was the last business book that you read all the way through? What was the last one you bought and put aside after a few chapters? Now turn to that one. Look it over again and see where you lost interest in the book (or where the book lost you). This is important for […]

Avoid the Approximate, Seek Clarity

Your book should promise hope and the value of trying. But you shouldn’t really talk about hope. Or trying. Choose words carefully. Hope should be built into your story and the way your methods unfold, and the case studies you describe about how people have worked with what you describe and have achieved something. Readers […]

The Year in Lists, part 1

With the year drawing to close, I’d like to remember a few events people, books, that stood out for me during the year. In my blog posts for this week I’ll be noting them. Here are the first few. Ebooks continue to have an impact. The self-published e-book is not a vanity project, and hasn’t […]

Bad Writers Can Be Bestsellers, Too

How well you write has very little to do with whether you make the non-fiction bestsellers lists – or really whether you can create any kind of an audience for your book. There are authors – probably not bestsellers – who would argue this point. But they’d be mistaken. Sorry Sheakspeare, selling lots of books […]