Communicating with a Spontaneous Personality Type

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, promote a book, how to write a book, spontaneous personality type, spontaneous MotivationIn our last post on working with spontaneous personality types, we explored the narrative of the Lion from the classic tale The Wizard of Oz, to demonstrate how this persona might display his personality type, within the context of a story. Along the lines of the kind of story our clients would craft for their client personas.

Here we will look at how you might communicate with someone like the Lion, this spontaneous personality type.

To best communicate with the spontaneous Persona for your business, you need to identify and focus on the core values of the Spontaneous Personality type:

Driven by the need to enjoy the moment, a Spontaneous seeks excitement, attention and fast-paced living to fill immediate needs for enjoyment.

Now that you know the core values of the spontaneous personality type, it’s important to show how this particular spontaneous persona has been influenced by those core values to get interested in your business.

Spontaneous Motivations

What motivates this persona to use your product or service, or to read your book? What is the person’s bigger unspoken question—the sum of his or her internal dialogue, the “life mantra” that makes this person tick? Persona motivations are the driving force behind a persona’s decision to buy. Motivations are the reason why this personality type is looking for a product or service. The spontaneous personality type, like any personality type, bases motivations on core values.

In the case of the spontaneous personality, the motivation stems from the core value of getting quick results and connecting with people.

Example of Spontaneous Motivations

  • Motivated by a need to feel good about himself in this moment.
  • Driven by the excitement of being the leader. The energy thrills him.
  • Searches a challenge for exciting experiences.

Example of Spontaneous core values

  • Enjoying the moment
  • Excitement
  • Attention
  • Fast-paced living
  • Filling immediate needs to enjoy

In our next post, we’ll continue to look at how you would communicate with someone with a spontaneous personality such as our Lion – the words, approach and values to highlight.

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