Conversions and Your Website: Building Rapport

publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity wellThink of your website as a bookstore, one with a lot of traffic. People often use bookstores as libraries – browsing, stopping for a while, chatting or reading. Bookstores don’t make money when people stand around simply reading books and magazines instead of buying them.

At the same time, bookstores actually encourage browsing, reading, lingering. In fact, many bookstores appear to be inviting you to browse, since often they have seating options. It would even appear they discourage people form buying books and reading them at home. Why would they do this?

Bookstores know that people like to browse before they buy. Customers want to make sure that the book offers the information that they need and they know that customers want to be confident that they are making a sound purchase.

You should have the same attitude when you’re building your website. Building rapport on your site means instilling confidence in the visitors, and that means offering visitors the chance to browse the information you have.

Don’t worry that you’re giving away good information to just anyone – anyone who, metaphorically, walks in off the street. Just as people still end up buying magazines and books that they’ve read or begun to read in bookstores, they will still be interested in your book and perhaps your services even after they’ve read some of the valuable information from your book that you’ve offered on our site.

This is where the prospect and rapport stages of the conversion cycle occur. When a prospect first visits your website, he or she begins to judge the trustworthiness and value of your products from the look and feel of the site. The prospects will ask themselves – generally without realizing it – whether your site will offer the information they’re looking for and whether they should spend time there.

We’ll continue to explore this idea in our next post.

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