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publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity wellYou want to convert people. Not in a religious sense, but a marketing one.

Marketing experts use the term “conversion” to denote the process by which a person changes from being a passerby to becoming a member of your “congregation.”

That is, visitors are persuaded to act in a manner in which you wish them to act, in terms of engaging with your brand, and doing business with you. This persuasion can be as simple as signing up for a newsletter into becoming a devoted fan (becoming a fan isn’t complicated, but it involves someone going further down into your gravity well).

According to the excellent marketing site Buyer Legends, the conversion process is made up of prospect, rapport qualification, presentation and close, and involves a narrative that will, as the site says, “map the critical paths a prospective buyer might follow on his journey to becoming a buyer. These easy-to-tell stories reveal the opportunities and gaps in the customer’s experience versus the current marketing & sales process.”

For our purposes here, we’re going to remain with the steps toward conversion rather than stories. So, the five phases of the conversion cycle are mini-processes within the larger spiral of the gravity well. Remember that Roy H. Williams represents the gravity well as a spiral whereby a person is “pulled” down toward larger purchases that require increasing commitments of time and money. We’ve taken this term from cosmology, related to the pull of black holes at the centers of galaxies, which not only draw in smaller objects but maintain order in a sometimes-chaotic universe.

At each layer of the gravity well for your website, a smaller “conversion process” take place whereby each step leads to the other steps as the process moves toward the close of a sale.

In our next post, we’ll begin exploring these steps, starting with prospect.

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