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Do you Like it? Facebook does. The Like button they introduced earlier this year is now appearing on more than 2 million websites worldwide. Beneath the Cover is one of them. Read this post all the way through and you will see a ‘thumbs up’ next the word Like. By clicking it, you instantaneously share my words with all your friends on Facebook.

The Like button is part of a much bigger, “Open Graph” initiative to socialize the entire Web. Other elements (plug-ins) include Recommendations, Comments, Activity Feed, and Live Stream. I am not going to bore you with an explanation of each, just know they are all designed to further enhance your online experience through customization and more deeply connect you to your Internet compadres.

Imagine landing on a site you have never been to before and being shown recommended content based on your interests. As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg puts it, “You can have a user who’s never been to your site before and present them with a totally personalized experience.” Pretty cool, right?

Think of the advantages:

  1. A personalized and customized visit
  2. Quicker access to what you care about
  3. A narrowing down to only relevant choices
  4. An overall more enjoyable online experience!

In my opinion, it is pull marketing at its finest. The perfect way for the owner of a site (you!) to use content to start conversations and pull potential customers closer to you. Just adding the Like button alone and encouraging Beneath The Cover contributors to use it on each other’s stories has started a groundswell of activity! Now I need to find the time to add some of the other plug-ins to see what they can do.

Are you already doing this on your website(s)? Are you seeing your sphere of influence broaden? Let us know. Leave a quick comment and share with others.

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  • Michael Drew

    I like the like button so much I think I’ll like my own post ;)

  • Kyle McNeil

    Hey Michael — it seems the “like button” might actually be taking the place of comments. At least based on what I’ve seen. More ppl cruising around clicking “like” vs. adding actual words to the conversation, blog post, facebook post, etc.

    From the perspective of the “Open Graph” initiative though — maybe this is adding to the conversation more then I realize …

    In terms of creating a database of user-ship tendencies (via like buttons) .. that allows one to deliver targeted content.

    Is this the case?

    • Janette Wittwer

      Kyle, I thnk the like button works well. I don’t always want to add to the conversation but would like to acknowledge that I read and enjoyed what I read in the post. Other times I will add my comments, like now. :-)

      P.S. I wish there as a ‘love’ button because it on occasion is more appropriate than ‘like’. Or a ‘dislike’ button when something makes me sad or I disagree with. Just my humble thoughts.

      • Kyle McNeil

        Janette – I appreciate that. Definitely a “like button” has it’s place.

        For me, I personally enjoy hearing people’s perspectives, so a like button doesn’t allow me that opportunity. That might be more the core of where I’m coming from, so I appreciate you commenting.

        Maybe love and dislike buttons are on the way.

        Would be interesting to write a post about “disliking” peoples posts.

        Sometimes, I’m vehemently opposed to what people put up (and maybe others feel the same about me at times …), but I just don’t want to go down that road with people, especially in a public forum. It can get really nasty really quick.

        Like I said though, could be interesting to blog about this.

        What do you think??

  • Lindsay Wilson

    I love this post!

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