Do You Suffer from Data Overload Syndrome?

How many devices do you use to keep track of what’s going on? And how many times do you check your devices? And how much do  you retain? And, finally, how many minutes do you wait before checking for email, news updates, RSS feeds and the like? Are you a data addict? And are you able to get through to those data addicts in your audience?

There’s no real answer to any of those questions that indicates a problem – but if you feel a twinge of recognition for any of those questions (and you probably do), then you’re like many of us today: overloaded with information. And hungering for more information. And unable to keep all that information in your head. Which is probably why you, and we all, keep looking for more information – in the hope that some of it sticks.

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If you’re trying to make a name for yourself, or simply to be heard, what do you do?

Your message has to find the right audience. And how do you do that? By writing to that audience. Simple, right? Well – not so simple. Because most of us don’t know who are audience consists of, what type of personality.

So the thing to do is write to a variety of personality types – extravert,  introvert, spontaneous, methodical, feeling, judgmental – and there are ways to do this – and work with the feedback you get. That feedback comes from how many people respond to questions you ask, and even how many people – and what type of person – responds to the type of writing you do, the way you send your messages out in the digital universe.

It’s not going to get any easier, by the way. More and more information is migrating to portable devices – away even from that monolithic presence, television – and more and more we’ll be digesting our news, our information, in small bytes (and bites) as we walk, talk, watch other devices, and listen to music (or, horrors, drive).

It’s essential that you cut through the massive amounts of verbiage, video, images, and sounds out there. Or you’ll just be another part of the background noise.

So: find your authentic voice, cultivate your audience. And try not to check your email every 30 seconds.

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One Response to “Do You Suffer from Data Overload Syndrome?”

  1. Andrea Reindl January 19, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    Bob, so true….checking email every 30 seconds doesn’t help much 🙂 With all the incoming craziness it’s important to be very aware of the messages we’re feeding ourselves and the underlying message we’re accepting. Thanks!

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