E-Book Authors Gets an Editorial Ally

In case anyone doubted that the self-publishing phenomenon was abating, Kirkus the venerable book review magazine, has just announced editing services for self-published authors.

Kirkus has realized that many authors (most authors, in fact) benefit from editorial input. In fact, as it says in its release, “We’re dedicated to making it simple for an author to get feedback, notes and corrections from the same editors who work on books published by the likes of Knopf, Viking, Simon & Schuster, Tor and Farrar, Straus and Giroux.”

Hmm. How long before traditional publishers are up in arms about another incursion into their sacred territory? Publishers might consider self-publishing, and self-published authors, as competition. But publishers, had they been more active than reactive, might have suggested this as a business model long before Kirkus did.

As the trenchant self-published author J.A. Konrath wrote recently regarding Amazon’s relations with self-published authors and publishers’ relations with authors in general, “Underestimating the importance of digital was suicide…. Bookstores and publishers and distributors are NOT essential to the process. You should have evolved…. Why didn’t the Big 6 invent online bookstores and e-readers? Why didn’t the ABA?…  Do you push the industry into the future, or try to protect the past?” Read the entire blog post here.

We here at Beneath the Cover offer editorial services, too. And we’re not in the habit of trying to compete with publishers. In fact, we help authors on their road to authorship (and bestseller-dom). No matter the publishing route – traditional, self, niche. We also know that in addition to the importance of platform-building as a way of building an audience for your message, and your book authors need to be painstaking in trying to craft the best possible work. Editors can help that.

The thing is, success isn’t a rare-earth element. Success is something anyone can achieve. Competition should spark innovation, rather than fear (though sometimes fear can spark innovation).

Electronic media have profoundly changed the reading, writing and book-distribution businesses. We should embrace these changes – they can, in fact, bring us closer to an audience – rather than fear them.

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