E-books as Business Extras

The e-book can be a powerful tool as an adjunct to your business. Not only can your online platform, and future book, help you build and serve and audience, e-books can replace reams of paper given out at conferences and at seminar. They can even replace liner notes.

The rock band Shinedown is releasing an e-book, For Your Sake, to accompany a new album called Amaryllis.

Given that most people download music today, and that most digital album booklets are useless (really – does anyone look at them on his or her music device?), this is a good cross-branding opportunity for the band: a real book. A real-e-book.

It also shows how important books remain, and the growing importance of digital books to reinforce not only a band’s platform but to offer something extra Of course, Shinedown fans will want to catch the band while it’s on tour – that’s how musicians make money these days, by performing rather than simply releasing recordings. Yet this e-book offers, in the words of the press release (I’ve taken out some of the hyperbolic press-release terms):

…an interactive album experience that tells the official story of Shinedown’s new album with over 75 pages of words, never-before-seen photos, videos … a track-by-track dissection of the album from front-man Brent Smith (including high-quality video commentary), and a fully immersive breakdown of the album’s … artwork by Atlantic Records Creative Director David Harrigan. Designed especially for iPad users, FOR YOUR SAKE offers… [an] experience that both enhances and magnifies Shinedown’s already remarkable new album.

As we’ve said often, a book is not the end goal – it’s a tool for building a business. Just as Shinedown is not counting on an album to prop up its business model, and using this new album as the impetus for a tour, so your book should provide an “entry” into your brand and your services.

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  1. Anonymous March 28, 2012 at 5:04 pm #

    Wow! Very cool concept! Love seeing the creativity that keeps coming out. What a fabulous example of repurposing!

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