Enlightenment, Society, and Soul Purposes

We’re all seeking enlightenment in one form or another, and particularly today, in our civic cycle, which emphasizes transparency and connection over self-interest and smoke-and-mirrors.

You may have noticed that we’ve been in a recession for a couple of years now (though some economists insist it’s over – tell that to the barely employed or the unemployed). You can trace the source of the economic crisis to several events, but among them is that business owners over the past 20 years continued to conduct business as if time had stood still – as if the world hadn’t changed, and the way of doing business in the world didn’t have to change with it.

One of the presentations that I demonstrate at the many seminars at which I speak is called “The Pendulum.” In this presentation, I talk about the cultural shifts that take place in society every 40 years or so, and what that means to business, to marketers, even to consumers. Many businesses still run their businesses the same way they did 20 years ago – they lack a context for the world today. If we’re not living in a new age of enlightenment, at least we’re living in a time when honesty counts for something.

Financial Enlightenment and You

If you’re worried that you’re missing the boat about what’s going on around you, don’t. You’ll have a chance to hear from me and experts in a variety of fields later this month. I’m going to be speaking at The Financial Enlightenment seminar May 14-15 in Salt Lake City with my good friend Garrett Gunderson, one of the most transparent, insightful, and upfront guys around – and the author of the bestseller “Killing Sacred Cows,” which upended received wisdom about the financial markets, and pointed out how people could invest wisely without relying on the spurious advice of so-called experts. He’s an advocate of people finding their true path in life – their soul purpose – which can lead not only to happiness, but success.

I’ll be presenting my pendulum presentation, and after hearing me, you’ll understand how to capitalize on societal shifts to create products and services, even to make money, in a new way. The presentation should give you a clear way about why and how you can change your business for today’s world.

I will be on the platform for The Financial Enlightenment seminar with a host of other speakers, all of them experts in their field, such as Rich Christiansen, one of the leading entrepreneurs around who’ll share his insights onto creating success one step at a time.

Learn more about The Financial Enlightenment seminar. I look forward to sharing my own insights with you, and meeting you in person.

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