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Most of us – well, probably, all of us – have had moments when we knew we wanted to do something better with our lives. For some, such a moment came as early as high school, when we yearned to get into a college that would help launch our career. For others, it was that moment of agonizing decision when choosing a major. And for others still, it was that stepping off the ledge of graduation and into the potential precipice of a lifelong career. What if we made a mistake? We couldn’t turn back? What if we failed? Where would we go?

For the vast majority of people, these moments don’t come just once, but often, at various points as we mature, as we face hardships, successes, roadblocks. We are prone to second-guessing, and given to regretting the road not taken (or the road we took).

At the same time, many of us know that we can offer something to the world – whether knowledge or skills borne of life or work experience – that we can’t quite figure out how to utilize.

That is – how to we take what we know, and put it in the service of others?

And more important, perhaps: how do we do something useful, and can we make a living from it?

I can certainly relate to that kind of questioning. And those questions popped up most when I was working for someone else. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I usually came to the conclusion that I was spending a lot of time helping someone other than me expand his dream, and implement his ideas — when I should have been tapping into my own (if I’d known what they were).

It’s when we’re confronted with the limits of ourselves in relation to what others are doing — that is, what we can offer if we weren’t tied to someone else’s coattails — that these moments of clarity occur. If we’re in the right frame of mind to realize these moments for what they are – opportunities to tap into a universal energy – then we can move forward.

I feel we are all here to do something big and to serve others. Part of my goal is to help you to recognize your potential for greatness, and embrace it. Living from the inside out is the secret to generating not only a purpose in life – but also to generating value for that purpose. I’ll reveal a bit more about this potential for prosperity over the next few days. But remember: there is no secret to releasing your strength. The trick is to identify it and allowing yourself to let it grow.

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