Freedom of Choice, Paper or Digital

Although it’s likely that the paperback may be replaced in the near future by the e-book, for some big-name authors, a paperback is still a worthwhile object.

At least Stephen King believes so. And who’s to doubt one of the bestselling authors in the world?

King is publishing his next novel, Joyland, in a paperback-only format, with Hard Crime, which has published two other King novels.

“I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts,” the author said in a comment on the publisher’s website. “That combo made Hard Case Crime the perfect venue for this book, which is one of my favorites. I also loved the paperbacks I grew up with as a kid, and for that reason, we’re going to hold off on e-publishing this one for the time being. Joyland will be coming out in paperback, and folks who want to read it will have to buy the actual book.”

And because King is a terrific writer who has built a tremendous platform for his works, the readers will follow him. Even into the non-digital arena.

That’s a lot of power. But Stephen King is Stephen King: he not only produces quality fiction at an astonishing rate (sometimes more than a book a year), his fans are eager for whatever he comes up with.

What’s interesting is the decision to go with what is now an old-fashioned format. But for King, it’s the right format, because it harkens back to the pulp paperbacks he loved as a youth.

Perhaps different types of books will be released specially – before electronic versions – for those who want to keep the book on hand, as some bands continue to release vinyl albums in an age of downloads.

You have options, even if you self publish, to release a book in different formats. You may not yet have the kind of reach that Stephen King does, but you can have his freedom of choice to publish how you see fit.

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  1. Anonymous June 12, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    Stephen King has always fascinated me (and simultaneously creeped me out a bit). No doubt his following will follow him anywhere. 

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