Getting to the Finish Line

2014-0929-10065859j-002Most of life is a journey, not a destination. Except projects such as a book. You’ve got to finish it at some point.

Now, the finished book isn’t the end point of your efforts. As we’ve noted before, if you’re an entrepreneur who’s writing a book, you’re doing it to expand your business, and a book is a sort of calling card for your methods, services and ultimately your business. You use it to continue in a conversation with your audience, and to build upon that so that readers become customers.

But the book itself needs to be completed. Many people give up – they’re always on the brink of something, finishing or nearly finishing, then giving up. Or telling themselves they’ll get to completing it when they have more time. Time runs out, though, and your book may never get done.

One of the hallmarks of success is not only being present for opportunity, but being present to finish what you start. How many times have you begun something only to tire of it, or get distracted or hand it off to someone else? How many times have you arrived at 80% complete only to become disenchanted by what you’ve done and put it aside?

So what do you do? You don’t think of your book as a mountain but as a series of steps. And you mark each step as a milestone. You can only write a word at a time. Many people get discouraged by imagining the whole of a book before them, rather than the building of it bit by bit. If you’re at 80% then you’ve only got 20% to go, but that 20% is made up of smaller percentages, and if you think of the end as just a series of steps you’ll get to, you’re more likely to get there

And if you’re discouraged, don’t be. Once you’ve finished you can always rewrite But you’ll at least have something to work with.

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