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Beneath the Cover, search  engines, publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity wellWe’ve been looking at the elements of your site that draw people further into your gravity well. First, people have to find your site – here we look at search engines.

You need the help of internet search engines to bring people form your niche market to your website. As you work with a site developer to build your website, you’ll find that the developer probably knows the basic methods for getting your website listing to appear higher in search-engine lists (especially Google’s).

Search engines search for phrases, of course, so you want to make sure that particular phrases will appeal to your market. But since increasing the prominence of your key phrases can change the quality of the text in your site, be judicious in your efforts to increase the repetitions of key phrases. High placement won’t mean much if your copy sounds corny because it includes too many randomly placed key words that are simply there to attract search-engine results.

Nowadays, many search engines allow you to pay for placement, either within their search results or by purchasing ad space around search results. As with any type of advertising, you should weigh the return on your investment.

Many firms promise to boost your placement on search engines (the main phrase you’ll come across is “search engine optimization”).

Since search engines change their algorithms often and don’t share how a particular site is able to rank higher in their listings, be wary of promises. And be careful about how you set up your search-term phrases. There’s a danger of your domain being blackballed if a search engine (we’re mainly talking about Google here) feels you’re employing certain tricks that might be consider “search engine spamming.”

When your marketing platform is at stake, it’s better to be conservative as you try for higher placement on search engine results. The simplest and most effective way is to offer such specific and superior information that people will recognize the value of your site whatever your placement on search engine results, and people will voluntarily provide you with invaluable word-of-mouth advertising, leading to greater traffic to your site.

In our next post, we’ll look at various approaches to website marketing.

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