How to Present Your Services to a Spontaneous-Personality Client

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, promote a book, spontaneous personality types, The Wizard of OzIn our last post on working with spontaneous personality types, we looked at the buying needs for this spontaneous personality.

Here we will look at how you present your product, service, approach and methods to this personality type.

Presentation is what a business does to meet the needs of personas through using all of the information we’ve outlined in the last few posts: language, approach, questions. This information also helps with strategic brainstorming.

What does a particular spontaneous personality – such as the Cowardly Line from The Wizard of Oz – need to know to feel comfortable buying from or doing business with you?

How can you communicate your value to such a spontaneous persona? What qualities of your product or service will appeal to this persona? What are this persona’s objections and how will you overcome them?

What will appeal to a spontaneous in a presentation? The following are a start:

  • Quick, short copy that sounds exciting and makes the spontaneous personality type feel that working with you will give him an edge as well as the attention he’s seeking.
  • Quotes from people who have worked with you before and have succeeded as a result, with their pictures (they must look good). This third-party endorsement makes it clear to the spontaneous personality that other people like working with you.
  • Uncomplicated language (avoid jargon). The spontaneous personality wants to know what’s going on but doesn’t want to have to wade through gobbledygook to get there.

What specifically can you do to increase your communication to the Spontaneous in your audience?

In our next post, we’ll begin to explore the nature of and the approach to marketing to a methodical personality type.

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