Free Reports: Learn how to publish your book

book-cover-btc3You want to get your idea out to as many people as possible.

You write your book or book proposal and you shop for an agent or a publisher.

Without some knowledge of the real world of publishing you might be several hampered in your ability to reach your goals.

A little insight can go a long way. Knowing the playing field can help you reach your goals faster. A little information about the real numbers and motives of publishers can save you a series of heartaches and hardships. You don’t have to be clueless about the book world. In fact, the more you know the better books and the publishing world will get.

In this white paper, book promotion expert Michael Drew gives you a front row seat to a typical book promotion campaign and what you can expect if you actually sign a book deal.

If you already have a book deal, or have been published before you will wish you knew this information before you went forward.
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