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“Stories only happen to people who can tell them” ~ Roy H. Williams

Writing is good for the soul.

It feeds a part of many of us that is otherwise silent and forgotten. Creative writing is a lost art of expression and release. It’s a way to give voice to what happens during your day. Your week. Your month. Your years. Your life.

It’s good for the soul, but that doesn’t make it easy. In fact, many budding authors are too afraid to just start. They’re fearful of beginning and of even publishing their work. It seems to difficult not only to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) but to get what’s written in front of readers.

But today the hard part is no longer how to spread information. If you’re bogged down in doubt because you don’t want to let what you write go unread, you’ve got new digital tools that will help your creativity see the light of day. The Internet has freed writers from the tyranny of The Other, that other that prevents you from publishing. You don’t need to work at a newspaper or magazine, or be a big-shot author. You can be you, and you can find readers. Blogging, texting, tweeting, sharing have changed the way we publish, and the way we communicate.

For the first time in history publishing is in the hands of those who write. You have the power to have your voice be heard, and no one will stop you. Your story matters and you can share it.

Sharing from the heart is your best way to build an audience. The blogosphere is yours to take own, if you decide you want to. All it takes is getting started.

But where to start?

How about if I break down for you into three easy steps.

  1. Choose your message. It’s likely that your message is tied to a passion or story in your life. What story do you want to share? Is it based on a particular experience or the lessons you learned from those experiences? Either way, get clear on where your message starts.
  2. Pick a platform. You can share your message in several ways. It’s as easy as finding an Internet connection. Start with a blog. You can do it in no time – faster than chatting over coffee with a friend (and think of blogging as chatting to an audience of friends you’re finding one by one). Some of my favorite options for blogging are www.wordpress.com or www.tumblr.com.
  3. Write and publish your first post. Think of it as a conversation, that chat with a friend – this will help you find your voice. It’s that simple, write what you’d share with that friend, then post it.

You may be reading this thinking, “Is it really that simple?”

Well, up to a point. In the long run, writing is more than simply blogging about your experience. But, you know — getting started is as simple as the above steps. Starting is the first of many steps (which include finding your voice, refining your voice and building your audience). But without that starting line, you certainly won’t reach the finish.

I encourage you to stop what you’re doing right now and get started.

It’s really that simple!

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One Response to “Share Your Story”

  1. Anonymous March 4, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    When I first started blogging, it was more of just journaling the antics of my life as a new mom. It gave me the sense of being connected to the outside world (important to a stay at home mom) and it was also a great place to get creative and get all the stuff jumbled on the inside organized and outside of my head. My husband kept telling me I should really write a book. So I did. I completely agree with you, Andrea. Blogging is a terrific place to get started. That’s what made the difference.

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