How Visitors Today Dip into Your Gravity Well

Beneath the Cover, build your audience, publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity wellToday authors interact with their audiences in different ways than in the recent past, before the internet age. But they’ve still got to show up, albeit virtually.

Today we are able to reverse the old way of attracting people through seminars, and building a fan base through an old-fashioned meet-and-greet. The internet gives us an inexpensive alternative to speaking at conventions or seminars. For relatively little cost, people can find your website and sign up for your newsletter. These people do not need to have the confidence in you to pay for your seminars or even attend conventions where you are speaking. In the comfort of their homes they can visit you through your site.

The important difference between the former way and the newer approach is that with the growth of the internet, a newsletter serves a somewhat different purpose. Instead of enabling people to remain in touch with an author, the newsletter provides an important entry point into the author’s gravity well. Where the seminar was once the place where the majority of subscribers signed up for an author’s newsletter (a certain type of author, of course – one whose business book outlined a service or product or method for improvement), nowadays, people sign up for a newsletter first, enter the author’s gravity well and eventually feel comfortable enough with the author to pay for a seminar or for one-on-one consulting.

Rather than a method of extending the marketing process, the newsletter today acts as the first layer of the gravity well. And it is your website that brings people to your gravity well.

In our next post, we’ll look at how that the tools that make it easier for you to reach your market also have made it easier for others to do the same: competition is even more difficult to overcome.

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