Identify Your Persona’s Core Values to Communicate Efficiently

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, core values, competitive personalityIn my last post, our fictional competitive personality, Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz, showed how such a personality types works in action: her priorities, her motivations, her manner of working.

How do you work with such a competitive personality as a service provider/ how do you communicate with one, as an author?

To communicating directly with personas of any type, you need to identify and focus on the core values of that type. As a reminder, a competitive personality type is driven by the need to control, excel and win, a seeks mastery so she can achieve her goals.

With insights into the core values of the competitive, the best way to communicate with this personality is to answer a few questions that address the person’s needs. When you’ve answered these, you can see how you can tailor your writing (or how you communicate your service) to this type.

Do you know what motives competitives such as Dorothy to want what you’re offering?

Dorothy has a bigger “unspoken question” that needs answering before she’ll take an action. Her internal dialogue drives her daily actions. If you put yourself in Dorothy’s shoes, what do you suppose her motivation is? The more in touch with her motivation you are, the more you’ll be able to meet her needs. Here are a few of her motivations:

  • Her need to find the best and most effective route to reach her goal—returning home to Kansas.

  • Wants her friends to be able to control their own destiny, not be at someone else’s mercy (specifically the Wicked Witch of the West).

  • Looking for the most effective route to get back to Kansas that will also help her companions reach their individual goals in the most efficient way possible.

You’d extract the goals from the narrative to understand how your competitive type would react to your product or service or to your book.

Sample Competitive Core Values






Achieving goals

We’ll explore communicating with competitive personalities in our next post.

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