Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

In one of his most famous songs, the great playwright and songwriter Noel Coward sang, “I travel alone,” about his life of staying aloof from others and avoiding actual commitment.

May people today do the same thing when it comes to promoting themselves and their work. They prefer to do it alone. Here’s another line from that song: “Imagination is a form of flagellation.” People are afraid that they’re giving too much away of themselves if they offer their ideas to others to work with.

But if this age of text-driven social upheaval, of flash mobs, quantum computing and brainstorming via random-access memory drives means anything, it means this: we cannot do it alone. It is so much tougher to get our message out in a big way when we approach our marketing by ourselves, without the support of others.

The goal here is to understand collaboration, the entire give-and-take and inspiration that comes from the collaborative process. With true collaboration, people want to see you succeed as much as they do themselves. With collaboration, it becomes clear that the world has no limit on success.

Being truly in service to each other, while rewarding in itself, can also lead to success in business. And if it doesn’t, you’re not there by your lonesome, but in the company of others who are all after the same thing: moving ahead together.

One of the things we will talk about at Prosper Now is how to build your team to your weaknesses. That is, seek out people who knows a lot more than you do. It isn’t an “All About Eve” kind of thing, where the seemingly starry-eyed ingénue is actually plotting to overtake the established leading lady. It’s that no one is indispensable, and that you are only as good as your ability to attract the best people.

When you seek and attract people who will support your mission with grace, with an ease that comes form you, you’ll find that not only will people believe in you, and themselves, that you’ll more likely succeed than fail.

The fastest way to success is to team up with others, not traveling alone. Why is it that most do not do that?  For many people, it’s about ceding control. Most of these people don’t realize that they cannot control others. That life isn’t an us-against-them proposition, but one in which we are all collaborating in one way or another.

For myself, I have always wanted to play in the sandbox with others and celebrate their wins. I may be a cockeyed optimist, but this has helped me realize that when I’m most successful, it’s when I’m most in touch with collaborating.

At Prosper Now are going to discuss numerous strategies on how to align with different partners and create success together, rather than alone.

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  • Chantalrd

    I will have to listen to that song. kind of like the song that says, got along without you before I met you going to get along without you now. ah ha, ah ha, going to get along without you now.

    take care, great post

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