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Running three companies at the same time can be a little bit tricky.  Okay it’s a lot tricky.  The biggest benefit in running three companies at the same time is that it has helped me get laser focused on how I run my day to ensure that I get the things done that need doing.  My online system for productivity plays a huge role in this process.

For all the distractions that can happen with the advent of online world, it sure can make our lives easier when we figure out a way to harness the efficiency that is available to us.

One such tool that I use to help me remember things is Evernote.  If you have ever heard me speak on productivity or have followed this blog for any period of time then you have heard me talk about using a capture tool as part of my daily productivity system.  In the past this tool has been an old school mini notepad that made me look like Woodward and Bernstein in All The Presidents Men.

I signed up for Evernote several months ago but finally made the transition over to using it full time in the past month.  The reason for the switch?  I always have my Droid with me.  It just became clear that I didn’t need to carry my phone and my notepad with me everywhere I go.  I would have switched earlier but I had to create a new habit with Evernote first.  The problem with Evernote or any online note taking device is that you have to remember to go back and look at your notes.  Initially I was not used to doing this and therefore was not very good at it either.  Now I use the Evernote App on my Droid to capture to-do items.

Once I have the items captured.  I sit down at the end of the day and begin plugging these to-do items into my online calendar.  I use Google calendar as it obviously syncs nicely with my Droid and syncs nicely with other programs that I use.  Every item in my capture list on Evernote either gets done at the end of the day or gets plugged into my calendar to be done at a later date.  Once I have all of my important items into my calendar then I just clear the notes out of Evernote and now I have everything I need, scheduling wise, available on my netbook and my smart phone.

A side note item for productivity and scheduling.  If you work with a lot of clients, Tungle is a great tool that I use for scheduling.  Most of the time it works well for scheduling ( I say most of the time because occasionally my clients can’t figure out how to use it.) and limits the back and forth’s that occur with scheduling meetings.  If you meet with people frequently, I would suggest setting up a service like Tungle.  Oh yeah and did I mention Tungle integrates with Google calendar?

Not only do I work with individual clients but I also work on projects as well.  Since the theme of this post is online tools for productivity, then you also probably know that I am going to tell you about an online tool that I use for project and people management.  My business partner, Billy, has created an online tool for project management called Akomplish.  The thought for creating this was taking everything that we didn’t like about tools that exist like Basecamp and try and create an online tool that addressed the needs the small business owners have.  Akomplish integrates with Google calendar as well as other online productivity tools that we use.  It’s great to have all the information you need for a project right at your finger tips.  No searching your mail for past sent e-mails etc.

That’s a glimpse into my online productivity flow.  Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how to improve your system.  Perhaps you have some thoughts you want to share with me on the subject.  The bottom line is that you don’t have to use my system, just a system that plays well to your strengths.  How have you use online tools to be more productive?  What tools do you use?

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