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How to Become an Expert

You want to know how to become a world-renowned expert?
It’s easy, really. All you have to do is:

Look around until you find something that interests you.
Think about it a lot.
Make some interesting observations.
Have a few new ideas and form a couple of theories.
Put your ideas and theories to the test, then
Begin sharing what you’ve learned.
Continue [...]

Seven Ways to Increase Pay-Per-Click ROI

Online marketing must be about the customer’s choices. In this “virtually” frictionless environment, a customer is a self-service volunteer with lots of choices and access to any of your competitors with a single click. Nowhere is this more true than in search engine marketing (SEM).To meet your business objectives online you must first meet your [...]

When to Give It Away

You want your book to sell. But you should give it away first.
Piece by piece.
Draw readers in. They won’t mind, and if you’re writing a book that keeps them entertained, hopeful and intrigued by the ideas you offer, they’ll go on to buy the book too. And to use it.
You can give it away as [...]

Have You Been Kicking the Box?

There’s really no such thing as “thinking outside the box.” But we can select a different box to think in. Your box is your business model, your world-view, your paradigm. It is the framework of the metaphor that you use to make sense of the world around you.
A situation is uncertain when you cannot identify [...]

Is Your Right Brain a 98 lb. Weakling?

Left, right, left, right. Nope, we’re not gearing up for a military review. We’re going to talk about “drilling” your brain, and how you can use your beefed-up mental muscles to reach the “heart” of the brain, so the “mind” of the brain will follow. Why? Because however much human beings rationalize buying decisions, we [...]

Your First Readers

writing a book

You want a large audience for the book you’re writing. But before it hits the greater public, you should have your book read by a select few. And that select few should be people whose opinion you take very, very seriously.
Few of us want to be told when we’re wrong, or when something doesn’t work. [...]

Bloodletting and Why Testing Can Be Unscientific

Zach, my good friend’s son, answers the phone. He is in the middle of trying to solve one of those verbal math problems that go like this: “Bob is walking at 3 miles per hour, and Jim is walking at 1.5 miles per hour. They have to walk 30 miles. What kind of head start [...]

Your Personality and Your Prose: Cast a Wide Net

Your personality comes through in your writing of course. And you want to keep that. But you also want to appeal to different personality types who will be interested in the book you’re writing.
If you’ve got a competitive personality – chance are that you do, since you’re an entrepreneur or thought leader with a message [...]

Show, Not Tell

Fiction writers are urged to show, not tell, that is have the characters do something that demonstrates their personality, state of mind and the situation, rather than simply describe these things.
Dan that work in a nonfiction book? In a business book?
Yes. Rather than think in terms of how characters display their personalities, think of how [...]

Ambition and Writing a Book

I was talking with a friend today who’d begun a book, his second, about a year ago. His first had been a memoir of his days as a seminarian, and his life afterward.
This new one, he had told me back then, would draw on his experiences as a producer of corporate entertainment events.
I asked him [...]

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