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Selling Yourself Short on Traffic

I recently discussed the importance of maximizing conversion of the traffic you already get before spending money, time, and energy trying to attract more traffic. Gather ’round for a little fable about the application of this principle in the case of Widgets-R-Us versus Widgets-4-You. Both companies are in the same business (yes, selling widgets). They [...]

Choosing Your Words to Unify your Concepts

In business books, it’s good to repeat certain words or phrases, to get your point across and to help a reader remember (we forget much of what we read). And as you’re writing your book through blogs, or turning you book into blogs, the use of certain phrases or keywords is important for attracting the [...]

Stacking the Deck

If you consider yourself a small or medium-sized publisher, I recommend you choose your authors the way Roy H. Williams chooses his clients.
Roy owns a very successful advertising and consulting organization outside Austin, Texas. He’s most widely recognized as the author of the 1999 bestseller, Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads, though his agency [...]

Are People Getting Stuck in Your GUI?

One of my past articles about navigation closed with, “When you make it easy for your visitors to find what they want to buy quickly and intuitively, more of them will convert.” I’ve never discussed graphical user interface (GUI) much in this space, but it goes hand in hand with navigation. Follow this analogy, and [...]

Numbers Game

Back on June 6th, 2007 Google announced that the Committee on Institutional Collaboration (CIC), a library consortium representing the Big Ten and the University of Chicago, agreed to participate in their Book Search Library Project. This partnership agreement brought the number of participating research libraries to twenty-five. According to the Google announcement, the CIC libraries [...]

E-books and the Future of Reading

You may not read many e-books now, but chances are you’ll be reading a lot more of them in the future.
The global consumer e-book market will more than double from $7 billion last year to $16.7 billion in 2020, according to “Global eBooks Market Forecast 2001-2020,” a study by Strategy Analytics.
More publishers are releasing e-books [...]

Getting What You Want

One of these days I’m going to calculate the odds of pulling away from a drive-thru window and actually finding what was ordered in the bag.
For 3 years I’ve been calculating the odds of getting extra lemon for your tea when you add the phrase “lots of lemon, please” in America’s better restaurants. Currently, this [...]

How to Avoid the Six Most Common Mistakes in PR

So you’ve sold your author on the importance of a serious Public Relations (PR) campaign prior to the release of his book. Congratulations. That’s no small feat.
Now that you’ve convinced him it’s time to get busy, let’s address the six most common mistakes he needs to avoid in order for his PR efforts to pay [...]

Book Marketing Basics

Where does book marketing take place today?
Certainly not in the bookstore.
That is, not with traditional author readings or signings. Unless you’re an author with a media following and the ability to put together an event – such as Lena Dunham did with her recent tour to promote her book of essays, or such as Kansas [...]

CRM, Yes—But Don’t Forget to MRC

Have you been bombarded, like I have been, with the latest buzz suggesting we should spend our time, resources, and money on online customer relationship management (CRM) software? Talk about putting the cart before the horse! Oh, the idea is pointed in the right direction, all right — but don’t you think first you need [...]

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