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Freedom of Choice, Paper or Digital

Although it’s likely that the paperback may be replaced in the near future by the e-book, for some big-name authors, a paperback is still a worthwhile object. At least Stephen King believes so. And who’s to doubt one of the bestselling authors in the world? King is publishing his next novel, Joyland, in a paperback-only […]

What Women Say is True: Size Doesn’t Matter!

Product launches are common, not only in the personal and business development spaces. Every movie, music album, product, or book has a “launch” plan behind it. I’ve been in the book launch industry for going on 14 years now. You could say I’m a student of the space. But something happened when I took part […]

The Story of a Methodical Personality

Beneath the Cover, promote a book, writing a book, methodical personality

We’ve been looking at how to market to the methodical personality. To recap, methodical personalities prepare and organize before they take action. They appreciate facts. They value organization and routine. They prefer to think and speak about details and specifics. They are thoughtful. They plan in advance and want to know all the details. Here’s […]

Offer Your Book in a Variety of Forms and Sizes

You want to be known. You want your message to be heard and spread. If you’re building a platform to broaden an audience then you are already in the process of getting your message out. You’re writing blogs, you’re commenting on what others write. You want to take it further. Although you’re probably building toward […]

Digital Fill-Ins

Little by little, the digital world is taking over. And filling in where some print options no longer exist. Remember when many general-interest magazines used to run fiction? Back in the days before magazines devoted their pages to lists, stunt journalism, how-to features and whatever else other than things literary? Apart from The New Yorker […]

E-books Move Closer to Industry Acceptance

An e-book was recently purchased by some big Hollywood names to be adapted into a film. Whether the movie actually gets made or not, this marks a real step forward for the “legitimacy” of self-published titles as viable published works. Of course, readers have long thought that. Why else would e-books become so popular, and […]

Networking, Asian Style

Understanding cultural differences when doing business around the world is becoming more important in a global society. Even within large countries like the United States, there are differences from one region to another. When you go beyond that and look at one country vs. another, the differences become even more impactful on business. When we […]

How to End

Endings aren’t quite as important as beginnings in drawing readers in, but they’re important in trying to continue to a dialogue. If you read a lot of newspapers (and you should, since they can provide you with ideas for your own writing, especially if you’re building a platform and using your blog to create a […]

Marketing to the Methodical Personality

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, promote a book, methodical personality

We’ve been looking at how to market to different personality types. Here we will look at what we call the methodical personality. Methodical personalities prepare and organize before they take action. For methodical personalities the completion of a task is its own reward. They appreciate facts, they want hard data and they demand that information […]

How to Begin

Get started. Now there’s an opening line. Have you wondered how to get to the point fast in your blog posts? Well, think big – that is, challenge the reader, or demand something of your reader. Then elaborate on your argument. Novelists do it all the time. Consider these great openings: “Call me Ishmael.” ” […]