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Freedom of Choice, Paper or Digital

Although it’s likely that the paperback may be replaced in the near future by the e-book, for some big-name authors, a paperback is still a worthwhile object. At least Stephen King believes so. And who’s to doubt one of the bestselling authors in the world? King is publishing his next novel, Joyland, in a paperback-only […]

What Women Say is True: Size Doesn’t Matter!

Product launches are common, not only in the personal and business development spaces. Every movie, music album, product, or book has a “launch” plan behind it. I’ve been in the book launch industry for going on 14 years now. You could say I’m a student of the space. But something happened when I took part […]

The Story of a Methodical Personality

Beneath the Cover, promote a book, writing a book, methodical personality

We’ve been looking at how to market to the methodical personality. To recap, methodical personalities prepare and organize before they take action. They appreciate facts. They value organization and routine. They prefer to think and speak about details and specifics. They are thoughtful. They plan in advance and want to know all the details. Here’s […]