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Other Stories

How to Use Any Tool to Optimize Better

As a self-professed tool junkie, I’m a sucker for shiny new tools. I love tools of any kind — Web tools, software tools, and on a Sunday morning you might even find me in the Brooklyn Home Depot wiping the drool from my mug as I admire this fine kosher beef grilling tool.
No doubt, these […]

Conversions and Your Website

You want to convert people. Not in a religious sense, but a marketing one.
Marketing experts use the term “conversion” to denote the process by which a person changes from being a passerby to becoming a member of your “congregation.”
That is, visitors are persuaded to act in a manner in which you wish them to act, […]

What Do Readers Want to Find Online?

If you offer visitors the information they are looking for, they will take notice. While many people search online for different forms of entertainment, in all likelihood the people in your target market are looking for information that will benefit or interest them. The good news is that you have information to offer.
Back in the […]

Ready. Angle. Frame.

Advertising begins only after you win the attention of your target, a difficult thing to do in this overcommunicated world.
May I suggest you do it like the Great Ones?
When you’re ready to tell your story, choose an angle of approach.
Then frame the scene. Decide what to include, what to leave out:
Specifically, leave out:

anything the listener […]

Building Your Marketing Platform: Websites

Building your marketing platform and reaching people is much easier than in the past. Thanks to recent and emerging technologies, you can reach millions of people without leaving your desk.
And that power is remarkable. For example, Nora Roberts, among the bestselling writers in the world, was one of the first authors to utilize the power […]

The Gift of Ourselves

Dust, sweat & the smell of hard work clung to two teenage boys as the door swung open.
“Hi, Mrs. Harmon. We finished for today.” She found her pre-written check and waved it toward our grimy fingers. “We’ll be gone next week at youth camp, so we won’t be by on Tuesday like usual. But we’ll […]

Do Good Ideas Always Work?

The mind is full of clever ideas. But few of them will actually work.
My friend John Young says, “A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. A wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid that mistake altogether.”
But not everyone who makes a […]

Using Anchoring to Strengthen Readership

A newsletter can help draw readers into your gravity well through frequency, consistency and something we call anchoring: giving people something they already like and want to know more about.
We take this idea of anchoring, as with frequency and consistency in your newsletter, from Russian scientist Pavlov’s experiments with dogs, who salivated when ringing bells […]

More Profitable Online Publishing

Publishing’s strength has shifted from the media elite to the masses. It began in the late ’90s with sites like GeoCities. In 2005, we witnessed the explosive emergence of the blogosphere. And in 2006, video and social websites drew the attention.
Today, anyone with a browser and a digital camera can be a publisher.
This is hardly […]

Using Consistency to Build Readership

A newsletter can help draw readers into your gravity well, so they become customers. We’ve looked at how frequency builds expectations. Now let’s examine consistency.
We’ve taken this idea from the experiments involving Pavlov’s dogs, who salivated when ringing bells made them think they would be fed. You want a similar – if not literal – […]