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Be Prepared–Year One Is a Doozy

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a book or having a baby. Either way, it’s about a year before you get a chance to come up for air.
T-Minus Six Months
I remember the day we started working on the nursery. We were still six months from our due date, and  I like we had all kinds [...]

The Cashier Con

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. Maybe you have, too.
Cashiers have become the new pitchmen.
The old pitchman came to your door and knocked. He sold encyclopedias or vacuum cleaners or miracle soap. Whatever. But you were trapped by your own politeness. You couldn’t think of a way to get rid of him without being offensive. So [...]

Making Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work for You

You can’t just sit back and wait for word-of-mouth to do its thing–you need to put some effort into it.
Word-of-mouth marketing is often considered one of the oldest and most powerful forms of advertising. In fact, most business-people understand that it works–they just don’t know how it works.
Some people think word-of-mouth is something that [...]

The Ideal Tracking System

Converting your website visitors into customers is a system akin to a musical score. An effective conversion system successfully addresses all the complex requirements of a user when he or she is interacting with your website and undertakes a decision to act. Think of conversion as a way to orchestrate these three critical elements:

WIIFM (what’s [...]

Why Most Ads Put Us to Sleep

How often are you conscious of the fact that Earth, only Earth, is buried beneath an ocean of air?We, the fleas that dance on the skin of Mother Earth, live in this dry ocean. We use it to hold our airplanes off the ground. We blow out candles with it. We suck it in and [...]

B-List Authors

We’ve been exploring author rankings, in terms of marketing ability and name recognition. Here, we’ll look at B-list authors.
B-list authors are not celebrity authors. They can be, however, recognized as authoritative and often are interesting public speakers and valuable consultants.
Usually B-list authors are budding stars in a niche market, on the verge of breaking out [...]

Benefits & Royalties of Having a Book

Writing a book is like having a baby in that the benefits of having one are much greater than any royalties you might receive. Yes, Uncle Sam cuts you a break for having a dependent on your tax return, but you certainly don’t have children because you want to become rich. In fact, BabyCenter.com informed us [...]

Laser-Sharp Networking

3 tips to getting precision results from your networking efforts
Did you know that the energy put out by a normal light bulb is equal to the energy put out by a laser beam? A laser has a very tight beam and is very strong and concentrated. A light bulb, on the other hand, releases light [...]

A-List Authorship

We’ve begun to explore author rankings, in terms of marketing ability and name recognition. Here, we’ll look at the top names: the A-list authors.
A-list authors have a name. People instantly recognize those names and respect those authors for their knowledge and opinions. If they don’t respect those authors for their knowledge and opinions, they at [...]

Investing in Your Social Capital

It pays to take advantage of knowledge and relationships when building your business–and your bottom line.
I’m sure all entrepreneurs have heard of financial capital, but many may not have heard of social capital. Social capital is, in fact, very similar to its monetary sibling. It, too, is accumulated by an individual or a business [...]

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