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Shaking Hands, Email, and All That Jazz

When you and I close a deal, we shake hands on it. It’s like signing a contract, but much more informal and profoundly human. Still, it has the cachet of a binding action that inspires confidence and trust.
Thing is, from your website you can’t reach your hand through the ether and reassuringly clasp your customers’ [...]

Media’s Missing Mass

Back in the days when every teenage boy dreamed of outrunning a police cruiser, the wisdom handed down from aging speedsters was, “Remember son, you can’t outrun them radios.”
The fact that policemen were constantly connected by 2-way radios was mind-boggling to us. When we wanted to contact someone, we had to pull over and drop [...]

Your Best Books

It’s the time of year when best-of or worst-of lists appear. Where’s yours?
Yes, you should have one. If you’re building an audience through your online platform, then a list of what you yourself like can be a real audience-engagement tool.
Your list doesn’t have to be made up of current books – not everyone reads the [...]

Snipers & Shotguns

Alternative Approaches to Cultivating Journalists
Whether you notice them or not, you are exposed to thousands of messages on a daily basis. They come in many different forms, including commercials, road signs, telephone calls, news stories, billboards, emails, face-to-face conversations, and more. But regardless of medium, they all share a common goal – to gain your [...]

Zombie Books and Business Titles

We live in an age of zombies. “The Walking Dead” is the biggest show on cable television – and is bigger than most shows on broadcast networks. And authors of zombie-themed books are doing exceptionally well online, according to an interesting article on the Daily Dot that examines this phenomenon and the growing strength of [...]

6 Ways Others Can Promote Your Business

When people ask if they can help you, be prepared to say yes with these simple strategies.
How many times have friends, family and associates said, “If there’s anything I can do to help you, let me know?” How often have you said, “Well, now that you mention it, there are a few things you could [...]

Designing for Action

We’ve examined wireframing, the phase of Persuasive Architecture that lets us define what we need to do. Let’s move on to storyboarding, where we start defining how we accomplish the what.
If you want your project to be completed on budget, on time, and on purpose, you need to proceed through each phase and its component [...]

Rejection Isn’t Personal: It’s Business as Usual in Publishing

An author of self-published, bestselling zombie e-novels (a phenomenon that will be the subject of a future post), said that a reason he decided to self-publish was not only the continuing rejection from traditional publishers. But a specific rejection. In fact, it was the way one particular rejection, or mass rejection, was handled that decided [...]

Me and My Man Morris

Do you know your company’s percentage of unaided recall? In other words, what percentage of your prospective customers will think of you as a possible option when your business category is named?
If less than 10 percent of your prospective customers will think of you as a possible option, then you definitely need to be known [...]

Pre-Publication Book Promotion

Guidelines for Implementing a Timely Marketing Plan
What would you say is the key to publishing a successful book? Good writing? The right niche market? A sizable marketing platform?
I think you need a layer of each of those elements working for you. But at its inner core, almost every bestseller is the result of a fully [...]

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