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Your Big Idea: What’s Your Book Worth?

Is your book worth publishing?
Either by a publisher or by you?
Every author believes his or her book is a winner. Your book deserves national acclaim. It’s the baby you’ve nursed and nurtured and it’s got the stuff of a bestseller, right? Well, perhaps.
Authors are like consistent scorers in basketball: They have to believe they’re going [...]

How Often Should I Change My Ads?

Several years ago, I concluded that a medium-impact broadcast ad should be replaced only after the typical listener has heard it at least 12 times, and a low-impact ad should be replaced after achieving a frequency of 20. I arrived at these conclusions by carefully monitoring the results of radio campaigns of clients around the [...]

Getting Known in a Crowded Field

You look around at everything piled up at bookstores. You see the countless releases on Amazon. You receive alerts and updates from book sites and you wonder if or your book will ever get known. By some estimates a couple of million books are published each year.
Who’s ever heard of you? Your book might be [...]

Should We Do This—or Not?

An Unscientific Way to Test Ideas That Have Never Been Tested
What could your competitor do that would make you want to beat yourself senseless for not doing it first? Chew on that, and we’ll come back to it in a bit.
In the meantime——
Can you think of another industry that has gone through as much of [...]

Using Events to Gain Referrals

Gain a reputation as the person everyone wants to do business with by setting up a popular event.
Entrepreneurs are learning so much about growing their businesses through word of mouth and increasing their referral base—it’s time to start thinking outside the box and exploring new, dynamic ways to encourage others to use you, refer [...]

Why Do You Do What You Do?

There has probably been someone in your life – a coach, grandparent, teacher, aunt, or spiritual mentor – who’s made a difference for you. It may have been when you were young (it generally is) – it may have been recently. It may have been a positive experience or it may have been very negative.  [...]

Turning Over the Reins

Who calls the shots at your publishing house, marketing firm, or PR agency?
I hate to even hint at a cliché, but any response other than “our customers” or some variation thereof, comes up short. Because like it or not, the balance of power has officially shifted to the readers. If you’re going to survive the [...]

Getting What You Want

One of these days I’m going to calculate the odds of pulling away from a drive-thru window and actually finding what was ordered in the bag.
For 3 years I’ve been calculating the odds of getting extra lemon for your tea when you add the phrase “lots of lemon, please” in America’s better restaurants. Currently, this [...]

The Importance of Sales in Networking

Even if you’re getting all the referrals you need, you can’t leave your sales skills by the wayside.
Editor’s note: The article below is based on material from Dr. Misner’s New York Times bestselling book Truth or Delusion? Busting Networking’s Biggest Myths.

Truth or delusion? If you’re getting all the referrals you need, you don’t need to [...]

Brave New Publishing Worlds

As we all know, everything competes directly with books – and the book industry – for people’s time and attention.
Instead of doing research in books and journals at a library, people now find much of the information they need on the internet. Instead of whiling away an evening reading, people now sit in front of [...]

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