Success Becomes You: The Book as a Business Card

What is success for an author?
Is it finally seeing your words in print?
Is it the accomplishment of finally being finished with writing (for the moment, anyway)?
Or is it having something to hand out to clients (the book as business card) that you know will not go into a pocket and get discarded at the cleaners?


The Power of the Book

A book has power even in today’s high-speed world, where information travels faster than thought.
People don’t read books because there’s nothing better to do. They hope to add something to their lives. You can provide that.
Three basic things motivate you to do take action in your life.
Your desire to write a book most likely stems…


Setting Sail with Your Book

What does it take to make you a legitimate force in publishing? Is it a big book contract? Is it being widely reviewed? Is it getting prizes? Is it sales? Or is it how your book affects your business?
If you’re a nonfiction writer, especially one who’s writing or who has written a book to attract…


A Self-Published Author’s Credo: Be Confident

If you’re venturing into self-publishing – and, really, you should – keep in mind several things as you write your book.
First among them is confidence. Self-doubt is a killer. Many writers suffer from it, and it prevents them from finishing what they’ve set out to do. (This applies whether you self-publish or not.) A lack…


Wheels of Capitalism: E-commerce and Books

Sales of books are increasingly moving online, as if you didn’t already know that. There are fewer physical bookstores than ever, but you already knew that. People are still reading, and people are still buying books. But you still read alarmist articles about the dearth of readers and bookstores, and the articles seem to imply…


Finding the Fans for Fiction

An app built for readers has become one where writers can find a fan base. Fiction writers in particular. Wattpad, which has been around since about 2006, allows readers to directly comment on a writer’s work-in-progress. Just as with a platform for a nonfiction book. But Wattpad is more in keeping with the old-fashioned serial-style…


Luck and You

You have to admit that luck plays a large part in success. For actors, for musicians, for entrepreneurs, for writers. If everyone knew how to have a number-one bestseller, everyone would have a number-one bestseller. But everyone doesn’t. Far from it.
As J.A. Konrath writes in a pertinent blog post on his excellent site, A Newbie’s…


Writers as Urban Renewers

It often seems that the first thing to go in public financing is spending on the arts. Even big news organizations, such as Bloomberg, have cut back on arts reporting in favor of that all-around black hole known as luxury (apparently thinking that the well-to-do  want to read about luxury goods rather than the arts).