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Your Book Business

Your book is a business-builder. Or it should be. You want to spread your message, become known and create an audience for your ideas and ultimately for your business. (We’re speaking primarily of nonfiction authors here.)
This is apparently news to Publisher’s Weekly, which just published an article looking at the self-publishing marketing for the coming [...]

Syndicated Advertising

Dear Mr. Gibb,
You indicated in your email that you are a journalist researching the features and benefits of a specific syndicated advertising program. Hopefully, my comments and observations will be useful to you—or, at the very least, entertaining.
Let us examine the heart of the press release you forwarded to me:
“[Syndicated campaign] is a customized turnkey [...]

Six Rules for Scaling Mt. Bestseller

On January 30th, 1999, my friend and colleague, best-selling author Roy H. Williams, received perhaps the most riveting e-mail he has ever read:
Up until I read The Wizard of Ads, the most defining moment in my life was when I stood on the summit of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley — the tallest mountain in North America. [...]

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Don’t shy away from a networking group because they ask you to do a presentation.
Q: As a management consultant with a training background, I have no problem interacting and doing a 10-minute presentation when asked to do so in the networking group I belong to. I have a colleague, however, who is terrified to [...]

Looking Further Ahead

No one ever really knows what will happen in any industry, but we can make educated guesses. Here is another look into this year ahead in publishing, following some predictions I made yesterday.

Traditional authors will experiment more with releasing some new works via social media. David Mitchell, the writer of such books as “The Bone [...]

Bitter Taste, Sweet Results

If you’ve ever spent time and energy coming up with the exact words you wanted for a bit of copy only to have it edited by someone else, then you know how bad this medicine tastes. Perhaps that bitter taste was associated with an email, a Web page, a newsletter, or an article. You have [...]

Looking Ahead

What does the young year hold for authors, editors, entrepreneurs who are writing a book and just about anyone involved in publishing? You can’t predict the future, of course, but you can perhaps make an educated guess about trends. Here are a few of mine.

More and more consumers will gravitate to e-readers. Last year, about [...]

Shoestring Marketing for the One-Man Band

A wonderful tribe of strange visionaries who threw caution to the wind, flinging themselves into an economic unknown, created our American economy. I speak of the brave individuals who started their own businesses on a shoestring and a prayer. Although their ideas were often untested and they rarely had enough money to advertise – somehow, [...]

Joining the Club

I’ve never met an author, publisher, or PR professional who wasn’t looking for the answer to the million-dollar question, What will motivate people to buy this book? And while I don’t believe there is any one magic recipe, I do think we can identify some of the ingredients if we strip away the literary focus [...]

Too Many Books? Not for Readers

People sometimes say that too many books are published. As if we’d woken up to a new world when all of a sudden you were overwhelmed by choice.
Well, that world has been with us for a long time. And a lot of books have always been printed since books were printed.
Most people who talk about [...]

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