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What Makes You Better?

Entrepreneurs often say that they’re better than the competition, but on a point-by-point basis they sometimes find it hard to explain exactly why. Products, services, even price. But what specifically about the product, what in particular about the services set you apart? And why is your price what it is? This is all part of […]

What Makes You Interesting?

When we ask questions of our clients during our sessions where we work to uncover what their goals are and what the message is that they want to offer others, we don’t ask them as you would in a simple conversation – to be polite. We actually do want to get to the heart of […]

Big Questions to Ask Yourself to Know Your Goals

Few of us have maps to get to where we want to go. It’s the nature of life: you live it as you can. But it’s also the nature of our current world, where so much distracts us from focus. “The modern world, in fact, can be viewed as a prodigious conspiracy against mastery,” writes […]

Focusing on What Makes You Great

What is your soul purpose? What drives you to succeed? What makes your heart sing? What is your goal? What do you hope to achieve? Whom do you want to inspire? What legacy do you want to leave? Have you ever asked yourselves these questions? We have, with our clients, during our uncovery process. This […]

The Process of Uncovering

What we call an uncovery is an intense look at someone’s motivations, personal goals, professional yearning and desire for legacy. This is hard work – deep digging always is – but the results are a new clarity for people who want to build better businesses and to share their message and methods with others. We […]

Uncovering Your Truth

People think they know what they do, or what they want to do. But they’re actually often pretty vague about it. They believe they know who their customers are. They think they know what their ideas consist of and what their message is. But when we ask them to identify the specifics of a customer, […]

The Nimble Author in a New Age of Publishing

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Today’s authors explore for opportunities. They invest personal time and money in exploiting new ideas and discovering untapped markets they can realize.

Four Behavioral Styles to Know When Networking

Have you ever walked into a room full of people and thought, “How do I get business from this group?” I am sure you have! As entrepreneurs, we walk into rooms full of people all the time and we recognize these as ideal opportunities for generating business. If you don’t know how to effectively gain […]

A Story of Being Unique In a Saturated Market

The sage puppet, Kermit The Frog, stated his case for the trials of being unique when he said, “It Ain’t Easy Being Green”.   Kermit is right.  It is hard to be different.  It’s much easier to do what everyone else is doing.  Does being like everyone else equal success?  In today’s saturated marketplace, even if […]

Richmond Times-Dispatch Teaching

Richmond Public Schools officials are suggesting closing six schools and reducing bus service in order to bridge the gap between their budget request and what Mayor Dwight C. Jones has provided in his proposed spending plan. A Hanover County teenager has successfully petitioned his high school to allow students to observe a daylong vow of […]

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