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Your Values Drive Your Purpose

Beneath the Cover, turn thoughts into action, writing a book, most value in life

In our last post, we looked at relating for yourself, your client and your readers those obstacles that you faced and then how you overcame them. There’s a way to look at this, to help you get at what makes you successful or how you can help others to be successful. First, we ask our […]

Cultural Exchange, Code-Breaking

Shake. You’d think it would be easy, right? You shake hands and you’re being polite. Being an American, I offer my right hand for a quick grip when I meet someone. Now, this is a gesture that you’d think would be universally recognized. It is for the most part, especially in countries that are westernized. […]

Five Tips for Getting the Most From LinkedIn

If you had any lingering thoughts that social media was just a “fad,” you may want to let those go, particularly in light of LinkedIn’s recent IPO — with a valuation of $4.3 billion. I’ve been following the development of online business networking for several years, particularly at the inception of sites like Ecademy.com, Ryze.com […]

Is Your Business Missing A Well Defined Loyalty Loop?

A few months ago we did a workshop on marketing.  Marketing is always a hot button topic from business owners. We had a lot of great content in the two day workshop but one concept was really well received in our workshop that we weren’t anticipating. It was the loyalty loop concept. A business has 2 loops […]

Are You Giving Your Customers The Dorothy Mantooth Treatment?

I will smash your face into a car windshield, and then take your mother, Dorothy Mantooth, out for a nice seafood dinner and never call her again. ~ Champ Kind from the movie Anchorman I finally got over the fact that Anchorman wasn’t nominated for an Oscar.  What I haven’t gotten over is the Dorothy […]

Whose Team Do You Play On?

Roy H. Williams, author of The Wizard of Ads, said it best (paraphrased): “The only thing more important than who you select to play on your team is, who selects you to play on their team.” I fundamentally believe that this is the most important criterion for success, not only for life, but also for […]

Relating the Drama of Your Work, for Readers

Beneath the Cover, writing a book, drama of your work

In our last post, we looked at how a book, even a nonfiction book, should be an adventure for the reader. You want to tell a story that will inform and entertain your reader. You’re a teacher as well as a storyteller. This is what we ask of our clients during one of the sessions […]

You Don’t Have To Settle For Mediocre

We don’t like to think that we settle for mediocrity in our lives.  Mediocrity can manifest itself in the form of bad friendships, a job we hate and the way we handle the operation of our business.  We don’t have to settle for mediocrity yet oftentimes we do. Mediocrity is sneaky. One day we are […]

Wow The People You Connect With

Man is a knot into which relationships are tied. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras, 1942 One of the most impactful concepts introduced to me is the concept of be-do-have vs. have-do-be.  I suffered greatly from a have-do-be mentality.  I thought that if I just had more money, more time, a bigger promotion then I […]

What’s The Best System For Productivity?

When it comes to productivity there are a lot of systems out there to help you organize your time and use it effectively.  One thing that people ask me a lot is, what is the best system for being productive? The majority of my scheduling and productivity comes from the work that I did with […]