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When Not to Pay Attention

We don’t exist in the world alone, but writing is solitary. Even those of us who worked at newspapers, where you didn’t have an office but a desk among desks, knew that to actually write something you had to tune out everything else, and create virtual solitude in a bullpen of nattering reporters.
We couldn’t pay [...]

Routine and Creativity

It’s always good to have a routine. And always good to shake it up.
Creativity thrives on both.
And self-imposed deadlines help writers produce.
Writing to deadline didn’t come naturally to me, but a long career as a reporter for a big newspaper made me able to write to deadline, and now I welcome that challenge. It forces [...]

Content Sells

In a fragmented market, such as publishing, marketing helps you become better known. What people really want is content, though, not marketing. That is, they want to discover interesting new voices, people who have something original to say. They want what you say, more than how it’s presented. And they don’t want to pay too [...]

The Deluge of Books

You might think it’s hard to get noticed in today’s publishing marketplace.
You’d be right.
Not only are there something like 3.4 million Kindle books on Amazon, a new book is made available every five minutes – or 12 new books an hour.
Most of those are undoubtedly independent, self-published books. But still – you’ve got a lot [...]

Tracking Your Book

Make your books can be tracked, even self-published ones, so that they get noticed by the bestseller lists.
It may be awhile before the big bestseller lists pay attention to self-published books, but it’s likely to happen as the industry continues to evolve.
At the moment, many entrepreneurs who are writing or want to write a book [...]

Writing Rules or Not

If you’re writing a book, or beginning to outline the book you plan to write, you may be looking for rules to follow on how to go about putting your book together.
There are no rules.
Really – no one knows anything about what makes a book successful or not. Or to get it finished.
The only surefire [...]

Is Your Network a Mile Wide But an Inch Deep?

Is your personal network deep or shallow?  Chances are, it’s a bit of both.  The question is, how strong is the deep part of your personal network?
A shallow network is where all of the people you meet will start out – and where, in my opinion, far too many of them will remain. In the [...]

The Story Part of Your Book

If you’re writing a business book, or at least a book that explains your process or the service you offer, you will spend a lot of time going through the methods of why you do what you do or why you recommend what you recommend.
Don’t forget to tell a story.
Don’t forget stories, ever.
That’s how we [...]

Everybody Needs an Editor

Everybody needs editing. Everybody.
Every writer needs the perspective of someone whose job it is to make the writer look better, to spot logical fallacies in his arguments, to see where a sentence may be awkward, to root out clichés, to make the writer write better.
Many big-name authors, as you’ve doubtless discovered, need editing, but don’t [...]

E-reading and ‘Real’ Reading

It seems that reading at a computer isn’t as efficient or as powerful for you as reading a book.
But that seems obvious, doesn’t it? At the computer, you’re sitting before a screen rather than seated comfortably absorbing words on a page.
Apparently, according to a study out of Norway, reported on the publishing site GalleyCat, we [...]

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