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Building Your Marketing Platform

Many of the principles of constructing buildings have parallels with the process of building a marketing platform.
For instance, relatively little planning is needed if your construction project is simply putting a trailer on a rural property. Sure, you need to hook up water and electricity, and either put in a septic tank or get connected [...]

Prepping Your Gravity Well for Your Platform

Building a marketing platform involves planning and forethought before you create your website, set up your newsletter or even write your book.
As we explored in our last blog, you need to think about creating a gravity well that will pull your readers in to your content. But are you sure of your content?
Too often, authors [...]

The Pull of the Gravity Well for Your Book

As we explored in our last blog, gradually pulling customers into a desired activity, such as buying a book, can be called a “gravity well.” It’s rather like the event horizon for a black hole – but instead of leading to absolute obliteration, you’re engaging and keeping your reader and customer by offering exactly what [...]

How to Improve Your A/B Testing

A/B testing is a proven means to increase conversion rate. It’s not as simple as it appears. It’s more than simply testing two or more versions of Web pages, banners, search ads, or whatever persuasive element you can imagine. It also has limitations.
A/B testing, unlike the intuitive creative process, must be treated like a true [...]

The Gravity Well and Your Book and Brand

Attracting readers is a kind of exerting gravity on them – you lead them on with your content into buying what you offer.
Think of it this way. Some people wade into a pool while others just dive in. But both types of people share an interest: they all want to get into the water. The [...]

The Co-Publishing Model

What Co-Publishing Is
Co-publishing is a contractual arrangement, typically between author and publisher, to share in the expenses and revenues of a book (usually about a 60/40 split in favor of the author). This type of agreement can prove beneficial to both parties. It allows the publisher to minimize the financial commitment on riskier projects and [...]

When Legos Learn to Love: The Story of a Successful Title

“Is this anyone’s?” I asked from onstage as we set up for our little show.
The black walls of the fraternity house basement answered me with silence. None of the setup crew said anything either. The little lego astronaut in my hand smiled back with his plastic face. He looked so cool and seemed so friendly. [...]

Small Actions – Big Results

I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who is a partner in an international consulting and training company. We discovered that we had a mutual acquaintance who is a bestselling author and fairly well-known speaker.
In our discussion, we found out that he had contacted each of us individually to see if there were [...]

The Elements of Branding: Anchoring, part 2

Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov discovered elements of branding, associative memory, when he worked with dogs and the sounds of bells alerted them to being fed.
Anchoring, or appealing to what your audience wants, helps you build your brand. Just as the sound of a bell alerted a dog to the promise of being fed meat, your [...]

‘What’ Must Come Before ‘How’

Unfortunately, many people (including lots of developers) confuse storyboarding with wireframing, or they believe that because they are storyboarding they have already done a wireframe. Nothing could be further from the truth!
Storyboarding is the process of creating drafts of your Web pages and laying them out in logical sequence to create a map of your [...]

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