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Images to Print: A Guide

By: Lisa Woods and Lari Bishop Images can add a lot to a book, or any printed material. But if you want to jazz up your pages with graphics (figures, drawings, cartoons, illustrations, etc.) and you’re printing professionally, you’ll need these tips. Resolution All images destined for print must be high resolution, which is to […]

Holy Ship, That’s Expensive! 3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Shipping

By Amy Hard In an industry that operates on micro-margins, discount programs can have a notable impact on your bottom line. Here are three tips to cut your fulfillment costs and grow your profits. Tip #1: Open an account with UPS First determine which account you should open: daily account with discounted rates or occasional […]

Fishing: How to Catch a Reader from the Shelf

By Sheila Parr A good fisherman knows that the way to catch a fish is with the right bait, and a good author knows the way to catch a reader is with a great cover. When reviewing concepts with your book designer, be sure to consider my TOP 4 tips that will have your book […]

Book Publicity Tool Kit, Part 2 – Media Lists

Media lists are databases that contain the names of media contacts that can promote your book and information about them. Build large, comprehensive lists in terms of both the number of contacts you include and the information you record about them. Add entries for anyone who could conceivably help promote your book because the least […]

How to Make Your Cover a Knockout

By Lisa Woods If you want your book to be a contender, don’t underestimate the importance of your cover—more than any other single factor, it determines whether or not your book sells. The average consumer spends just eight seconds looking at a front cover; consider that your book’s “standing eight count.” Printing technology gives a […]

Return to Sender: The Story of a Love–Hate Relationship

By Aaron Hierholzer The history page on Simon & Schuster’s website proudly declares that its founders made it “the first publisher to offer booksellers the privilege of returning unsold copies for credit—a practice that revolutionizes the book business,” happily oblivious to all the anger and controversy their little invention has caused. Some numbers: • 40 […]

Feel Appeal: Survival of the Sexiest

By Erin Nelsen You turn and look, and there she is—beautiful, mysterious, seductive in the midst of her drab sisters. Your breath catches in your throat. More than anything, you want to pick her up—caress the soft, smooth texture of the cover, trace the line of the emboss, smell that new-paper perfume. The outlines of […]

The Good News About Christian Bookstores

By Aaron Hierholzer Rick Warren could not have anticipated the success of The Purpose-Driven Life, his Christian life manual that is closing in on a record-breaking 25 million copies sold. So widespread is the phenomenon of the book that Warren, head of a massive empire of followers, is now well on his way to creating […]

Y’all Don’t Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

By Tanya Hall 3 Tips to Help You Deal with Returns FACT: The average return rate in the book industry is almost 30 percent—and it’s close to 40 percent for mass merchandisers like Wal-Mart and Costco. Behold the Publisher’s Paradox: One of the best ways to increase book sales is to roll out big supplies […]