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Book Publicity Tool Kit, Part 1 – Inventorying Your Tools

Professionals always come prepared. Good plumbers don’t show up at your home unless they have all the right tools with them. And, they keep their equipment in shipshape condition so repairs go smoothly. Well, the same holds true when you want to publicize your book; you need to have the right tools and they must […]

Voyage into the Amazon Sales Rank

By Aaron Hierholzer The allure of the Amazon.com sales rank is well known to many an author, as is the bewilderment it often brings. How convenient—a number that tells you in hard, empirical terms how your book is doing! But alas, the Amazon sales rank is a fickle mistress. After noticing wild fluctuations in their […]

The Shape of Things

By Sheila Parr According to a federal judge, the U.S. Treasury Department is breaking the law by failing to design and distribute currency that helps the blind and visually impaired distinguish denominations. It is odd to me that this oops is just now coming up. Currency designers did it right with coins: I can feel […]


By Lisa Woods Who Moved My Cheese?, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Chicken Soup for the Soul—their covers make self-respecting graphic designers cringe, yet they have astronomical sales. It’s common sense that attractive covers invite book shoppers and ugly covers repel them— so why do these unsightly titles consistently outsell their better-looking shelfmates? (And why do […]

Pantone: Red Hot Color for 2007

By Sheila Parr The color experts at Pantone, the company that defines and provides exact colors to the world of visual art, just named Pantone 19-1557, Chili Pepper, as the Color of the Year for 2007—according to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, “Whether expressing danger, celebration, love, or passion, red will […]

Working Blind: The Sales Technique That Keeps Secrets

By Dede Schatz Would you buy a book you knew nothing about–if a trusted source told you it was good? Many bookstores are facing this question, and in the beginning, many answered “yes.” “Blind selling” is a practice commonly used in the publishing industry to sell books into bookstores without revealing the author’s name, title […]

Three Tips to Get ‘Em to Listen

By Erin Nelsen Want people to believe what you write? Persuade them. It’s not complicated, but there’s a lot of competition out there fighting for your audience’s trust and attention. You can’t afford to sound unsure or unqualified. Here are three techniques guaranteed to get more people listening: Use clear, strong language. As The Elements […]

Color Matters

By Lisa Woods “Hot pink is the navy blue of India.” –Diana Vreeland Color is beautiful, but she is much more than mere decoration. Color communicates. If you treat her right, she can support and add impact to your book’s message. Treat her wrong, and she will undermine your message and confound your audience. Do […]

Connecting With the Media to Expand Your Book’s Audience

Expand Your Audience Different people often have different takes on similar matters. So, people outside your target audience might recognize potential benefits that you may have overlooked. Speak with those who are not in your target reader groups and who are outside your area of expertise. Tell them about your book and the specific benefits […]

Common v. Correct

By Lari Bishop Decided May 17, 2006 Cases before the court: Bring v. Take Like v. Such as Over v. More than/Greater than Big Bad Book Blog delivered the opinion. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary occasionally dissenting. Chicago Manual of Style occasionally dissenting. Common usage has invaded the domain of correct usage. The two parties constantly battle […]