Power Begins to Shift Toward Authors

Sales of adult hardcover books declined last November.

But you probably knew that.

Still, the latest figures from the American Association of Publishing show that while year-to-year sales for that month decreased by nearly 21%, e-book sales jumped by 123%.

So the increase in e-books more than made up for the decrease in hardcovers.

This is not great news for traditional publishers eager to shore up earnings in the face of shifts in book-buying habits. But it does show that people are still reading books.

Or at least buying them.

Which is good news for any author. Especially one who’s building a platform for his or her ideas and who wants to engage with a growing audience through that online platform.

Still, e-publishing isn’t the cure-all for any sales ailment the publishing industry might be feeling. It’s another option – albeit one that is getting to be a more potent one. The future is digital, as author J.A. Konrath notes in an excellent blog posting, “Franzen and the EBook Bubble”. And, bit by bit and perhaps byte by byte), the power is returning to the author as the creator of content, rather than resting with the publisher as its distributor.

You are more likely to make an impact, regardless of how your book is published, if you’ve devoted time to building your audience through blogging, social networking, interaction with your tribe and commenting on other posts.

But it seems to be an increasing likelihood that the e-book is the book that will be in everyone’s hands (via e-reader of some sort) in the very near future.

Apart from that, however, what’s important is that you still devote time to finding your voice and crafting your message. No matter what method of information delivery you choose, you’ want to be transparent.

Authors are entrepreneurs (and many entrepreneurs should be writers to increase their reach), and should act, not react. Embrace the platform concept, and move forward in finding an audience.

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One Response to “Power Begins to Shift Toward Authors”

  1. Anonymous February 3, 2012 at 12:22 pm #

    I’ll admit I enjoy the convenience of e-books, but it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for specifically. The convenience (and cost) of e-publishing has given more information, sometimes more than is helpful. It really does show the importance of finding your audience and building relationships so you stand apart from the crowds.

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