‘Qualifying’ Visitors for Your Website

publishing, marketing, writing a book, platform, gravity well, Beneath the CoverWe’ve been exploring qualifying website visitors so that they move further into your site and engage with your book and your brand.

Bookstores have to be prepared for everyone who might walk in the door. Unless they’re a specialty store (which is somewhat rare these days among bookstores) bookstores have to stock representative titles in all areas of interest, from guidebooks on Aruba to the Zen of weightlifting.

You, on the other hand, are able to focus on your niche market. Instead of maintaining a huge inventory with all of the most popular subjects, you need only understand your niche market and the information that interests that market. More important, you need to understand the people typically found in your niche market.

You should realize that you cannot create a website that appeals to the average visitor, because no such person exists. The best you can do is create a site that welcomes the likely people in your target market, those likely to be interested in your subject. You then create a website that appeals to them, making sure that the different needs and interests of each personality type within your niche market are accommodated, on each page, allowing different types of visitors to go directly to the information they seek.

Through experimentation, you’ll discover which website strategies work for your different visitors. By constant testing of the makeup of your website, you can improve it to make it increasingly appealing to your target personalities, through different graphics or images, approaches to the way your information is presented or the articles you offer. To do so, though, you need to work with your visitors and listen to what they want, and then offer them the information and web experience they seek.

In our next post, we’ll explore the notion of “closing” on a visitor, that is, turning the visitor into a customer.

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