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In my last post, I spoke about nurturing a “living website” and seeing your marketing more in a more holistic manner.  Today, I’ll give an example what can happen if you don’t.

One of the biggest marketing flubs I can remember occurred a few years ago during the Super Bowl.  It was the first year of’s, “Go see the girl get naked on our website” campaign that unbelievably still exists today.

That first year,  GoDaddy ran an ad at least twice during the big game, in which a trashy, buxom woman’s  tank top string was fraying and falling away, threatening to reveal a breast or two.   I admit, I like women and their breasts, but I’ve always thought that campaign had a real “pervy” feel.  But that’s beside the point – evidently it’s always worked.   And it worked – at least to some degree – that day.

Reportedly, millions of people visited that day and in the days that followed.  Which is awesome. That’s what traditional marketing should do:  push people to your store or website.  What wasn’t so awesome was the fact that the website was so misaligned with the television ads, that most people left immediately.

Why? Because there was no woman whatsoever above the fold on the website, and the one that was below the fold didn’t look anything like the one in the television ads.

There was nothing to tell people that they were in the right place, where they could find what they came looking for, which that day was that woman and her breasts.  The result, is that most visitors bounced when they found no evidence of what they came for.

Are you doing the same thing in your marketing efforts?  Or are you aligning your website with your traditional marketing?

My friend and web wizard, Jeff Sexton, calls such alignment – leaving a “scent trail.”  He uses the example of 1-800 Flowers, who last year ran national radio ads for pink roses.  During such a traditional media blitz, it’s safe to assume that a huge proportion – over 90% of your site’s visitors – are coming because they heard the radio ads.  It would be safe to assume they’re interested in pink roses.  1-800 Flowers had no pink roses above the fold on the homepage.  And its safe to assume that lost them oodles of money.

If you advertise using traditional media like print, radio, or television, and your home or landing page doesn’t smell like that advertising, at the least you’re losing a branding opportunity.  And you’re most likely losing money. Get it together.

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3 Responses to “Quick n’ Easy Marketing Alignment”

  1. Michael Drew December 1, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    Scent trail refers to the Pavolivian idea that we are all “dogs” who hanker for a “meat”, push marketing would just put the meat under our noses, but to most of us that type of marketing makes us wonder what’s wrong with the meat. Most of us would prefer the “scent” of the meat during the information gathering phase, so that we can be confident that you have the “meat” we are looking for. This is part of the Persona Marketing Process. Great post Chris.

  2. Andrea Reindl December 1, 2010 at 5:30 pm #

    Remembering to put yourself in the shoes of the customer is the most important thing to do in marketing. What message you are sending and the experience of the customer is so freakin’ important. Chris, this is your most brilliant post!

  3. Marketing Strategy Rockstar December 2, 2010 at 12:25 am #

    Interesting examples and analogies. At Album we call this Content Optimization. Before we spend any money or go through any effort to drive traffic, we make sure the landing page or final destination is completely relevant to the campaign. It seems like a no-brainer, but apparently even the big brands don’t get it.

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